Alternatives to reverse osmosis

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Alternatives To Reverse Osmosis


There are numerous alternatives to reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis filtration is excellent, but it also comes with some drawbacks. For instance, the RO filtration produces wastewater. Now, you will have a question what are the alternatives for the production of filtered water.

Alternatives to reverse osmosis

Here, you will know about a different unique alternative to RO. The RO system has many drawbacks. That’s the reason many people want to know the various alternatives.

Alternatives To Reverse Osmosis

Berkey water purifier

It is a sort of water filter. The Berkey purifier is famous for the excellent quality of the water. The Berkey tank is of stainless steel. Its main component is Black Berkey Purification Elements. This component ensures to convert the contaminated water into safe water. The Berkey systems are present in a wide variety of different sizes.

The best point about the Berkey water purifier is that it has a long lifespan of the filter. The filtering capacity of every black Berkey element is more than 3000 gallons. The more number of purification elements in the system enhances the flow rate.

In comparison to the RO system, the Berkey is without the need for electricity. Furthermore, it does not include wastewater. On the positive side, the changing of the filters is more comfortable, and also, it needs less maintenance. Also, this cleaner is great for emergencies as well.

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Megahome water distiller

The water distiller is another alternative. The process of the distiller includes the boiling of the water. Then, the system captures the steam. After that, it recondenses the water to make purifies water. When the steam rises, it eliminates all the impurities & minerals. The purpose behind the boiling is to remove the bacteria & harmful microorganisms.

The significant perspective is that it does not require installing multiple filters. The water distiller has not complex system and maintenance. Even, it does not need any plumber for the installation. The use of this system is more comfortable. With the press of a button, the process of distilled purification starts. You have to wait for a very short time for the distilled water.

Unlike Berkey purifiers, it needs electricity for the work. This water distiller is great for small size of families than larger ones. The following Durastill model of water distiller is suitable for large households.

Durastill water distiller

The Durastill distillers are efficient for a large household. They are suitable for high-demand applications. This company provides automatic as well as manual distillers. The automatic distiller has more importance. This model of the distiller is with the manual function also. In addition to it, you can switch the modes of manual & automatic easily.

The beneficial point about this distiller is that it has an excellent production rate. It enables the production of more than 42 gallons of clean water regularly. If you want to use the distiller at home, then an 8-gallon distiller is a good option. You can use both automatic and manual distiller in your household use.

The Durastill distiller is preferable to countertop models of the water distiller. This system has the function of automatic shut-off. It contains the reserve tank. The reverse tank is of stainless steel. As a result, there is no fear of breaking the tank. Therefore, this tank is the best than a glass collection bottle. The glass bottle may break in a short time.

Zerowater water dispenser

If you want 0 TDS water, then choose the ZeroWater dispenser. It is a great competitor to Brita filter pitchers. The ZeroWater 40-Cup water dispenser is famous for its well quality water. This way of filtration does not amazing as distilled water. But, many people consider it the best water dispenser.

Among all the alternatives to RO, the water dispenser is friendly to users. It needs very less maintenance. The only most challenging point is the changing of the filter after its lifespan. On the negative side, the filter life of this water dispenser is shorter. The ZeroWater is an excellent investment than the RO system as it never wastes water.

Choose a great alternative to reverse osmosis

Above-all alternatives are the best in their performance. Among all, the water distiller is the top-best alternative. The drawbacks of the RO urge to use the water distiller. The downsides of the RO system include the wasting of water, more need to replace filters. Lastly, the installation of the RO system is tricky.

Reverse osmosis water Vs. Distilled water

The RO and Distilled water are with the demineralization water. Many people do not prefer demineralized water. So then, they want bottled water. Following are the main differences between RO and distilled water.

1. distilled water needs a long time. Also, it requires electricity. After a particular time, you will get Distilled water.

2. The RO systems enable the production of enough amount of water for large families. This system contains a large holding tank. This factor is different from the distilled water.

3. The under-sink system of RO gives the on-demand pure water. The majority of the RO system produces more than 50 gallons in one day. On the other hand, the Durastill distiller produces up to 8 gallons in a day.

4. The taste of RO water is different from the distiller. The distiller makes pure water with the process of steaming & boiling. The RO system uses a semi-permeable membrane for the making of pure water. As a result, the taste of both systems is different.

Bottom line

In the selection of alternatives to reverse osmosis, consider your demand first. You should choose distilled water if the requirement of drinking water is for 1-3 people. For small families, the distilled water is an excellent choice for than RO system. On the opposite side, the distilled water is not great for a large household.

If you want a maintenance-free filtration system, then a Berkey purifier is the best. In this case, a ZeroWater dispenser is also a good option. Before choosing the RO and its alternatives, consider the need for filtered water in your house.