Cleaning Berkey filters

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Cleaning Berkey Filters

Steps to clean the Berkey filters

The cleaning of the Berkey filters is not a very difficult task but it needs your proper attention.

Step one

The first step is the removal of fluoride filters. The fluoride filters are present on the lower side of the filters of the black carbon. You can easily unscrew the fluoride filters. For unscrew, remove the wing nuts. The wingnuts are also on the base of the carbon filter.  Afterward, keep the filters aside.

Step Two

The second step is you have to use only dish soap. The dish soap should naturally make. For example, you can easily make foaming soap by using the lemon. With this homemade soap, scrub the chambers of the Berkey. The chambers are of stainless steel so easy for cleaning. Scrub the both upper as well as lower chambers.

Step Three

Afterward, the third step involves the cleaning of the black carbon filters. For the carbon filters, always use a soft scrub sponge or any walnut scrub. For the carbon filters, scrub gently and carefully. Now use the cold running water and wash the filters.

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Step Four

The fourth step is about the replacing of the filters. If you have used fluoride and arsenic filters for more than six months, then must replace both filters.

Cleaning Berkey Filters

Step Five

At last, the fifth step is easiest. In this step, only wipe the outside surface of the filters using a microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth must dry. The purpose of doing it is to guarantee the removal of smudges and spots.

General maintenance with cleaning

For general maintenance and cleaning, you can easily do it by yourself. If your filter has any built-up minerals, then use vinegar for easily cleaning. On the opposite side to mineral build-up, if the filter has alkaline stones, then use the sterilization method. This method is the easiest way to easily clean the filter.

Know about when to clean the filter

There are some factors that tell you when you have to clean the filter smoothly. For instance, when you notice that filtered water is coming slowly or when there is pooling up of the water. Then it means that your filter needs to clean. It is the appropriate time to rinse the filter.

Moreover, take out the Berkey filter and then you will notice the small film on the surface of the filters. The residues including film and most probably such residues come from the hard water. Subsequently, it is necessary to remove such residues from the filter for accurate performance. You can effortlessly eliminate the residues with the help of any scrubber. On the positive side of the cleaning, the flow of water can becomes smooth.

How many times you should clean the filter

Our recommendation about the cleaning of the filter is that clean the Berkey filter after every 6-month. Also, when you notice that the flow rate of water becomes slow, so then clean the filter. It will depend on how much volume of producing filtered water on a daily basis.