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Di Water System Cost

The di water system cost varies from model to model. There are varieties of deionization systems. Even the functioning of one system is different from the other. Hence, the cost of the systems is also different. The main two categories of deionization systems include industrial and commercial systems. In this article, you will know about the cost of the deionization systems.

Cost of a Deionised Water Purification System Cost

The industrial DI purification system costs about £12,000 or more than £12,000. It is the arbitrary figure of the system’s cost. The cost mainly depends on several factors. These factors include the production of water regularly. Also, it depends on the purification level of water.

DI Resins

The industrial-scale of the DI system needs chemically charge resins. There are four unique forms of the charged resigns. All the forms of resins are at different prices. The first & second form of resin is the strong and weak base anion. Next, the third and fourth form of resin is the weak and strong base cation. Using of these resigns depends on the different requirements of purification of water.

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In addition to it, the structure of resin impacts the cost of installation. All the resins use different minerals and materials in their construction. One of the excellent resins is that which includes acrylic & styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer. The remarkable structure of the resin is the most cost-effective. Also, such resin is suitable for most of the DI systems.

Di Water System Cost


The pre-treatment of the water is another critical perspective of the system’s cost. This step of purification is the treatment of water before passing from the di-stage. It is essential in those cases where water needs free from bacteria. If the bacteria enter in the deionization installation, then the pre-treatment is compulsory.

It is a recommendation to use the process of reverse osmosis pre-treatment. After this stage, the water goes to the deionization process. As a result, this way decreases the cost of the DI system. The cost of only using the deionization process is from 22 to 38 pence. This cost is for the purification of one gallon of purified water.

The cost of RO pre-treatment is different from the single deionization process’s cost. The combined cost of the RO treatment and the DI system is below pence per gallon. The water purification with the RO process ensures the purity level of water. The pre-treatment of water with RO decreases the cost of the DI process.

Level of Automation

Another factor that affects the installation cost is the level of automation. It is an essential factor that is the most suitable for daily operation. It is also a crucial factor, likewise an operator which is responsible for many tasks. You will need a level of automation if you have not accessed the skillful operator.

The cost of a fully automated system is different from another type of system. Before purchasing, consider the cost of the full automated deionization system. You may buy a non-full automated system if you bear the expenses of the skillful operator.

The various components and the number of choices of the system depend on the cost. It is the most suitable option to take advice from a professional. So then, it will ensure that purchasing of the system and components meet your demands. In the end, you will able to buy a worthy deionization system.

Commercial DI Water System Cost

Initial Investment

The initial cost of the industrial DI system is £12,000. On the other hand, the large commercial di system is more costly. Usually, the price of this kind of system is between £25,000 to £35,000. One of the most prominent commercial systems is the continuous electro di system. The initial cost of this system is higher as compared to other systems. But, the operating cost is lower. The cost primarily depends on the chemically charged resins.

Operational Costs

The overall cost of the deionization system includes the operating expenses.  These operating expenses are not lower. The operational cost of the commercial deionization system is more than £5,000 in a year. However, the ready to use deionized water is much more costly than this system.  

Type & Structure of Resins

The cost of the installation of the deionization water system depends on the type of resins. Subsequently, every kind of resin comes at different prices. The structure of resins also affects the cost of the system. Before going to purchase the system with the resins, consider your requirement. The best structure and the type of the resins ensure the long-running of the system. But such a system has a higher operational cost.

Water Pre-Treatment

The water pre-treatment is excellent to eliminate all the bacteria from water. This process works before the deionization stage. The majority of the industries prefer the RO system. The reverse osmosis system is great for removing bacteria and many contaminants.

The combination of the RO system in the DI system can change the cost of the system. In particular, the price of the industrial RO system is £9,000.

Degree of Automation

Every commercial deionization systems are different concerning degrees of automation. The fully automated system reduces the more working of humans. It provides more facilities with the need of fewer employees.  In this way, the expenses for the training staff reduce. Consequently, most companies prefer fully automated systems.

The fully automated system requires higher investment costs. The initial cost of such a system is higher, but it reduces the operational expenses. This system will perform all the functions by itself.

Choosing the Right Deionisation Water System

There are varieties of the deionization water system. Every system is different & unique from others. The choosing of the right deionization system is essential. Therefore, the system enables you to fulfill your demands of purification of the water. In general, the di water system cost is beneficial for the long-running of the system. This system is excellent for use as industrial and commercial deionization systems.