Water Filter Leaking Under Sink

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Water Filter Leaking Under Sink

The water filter under the sink provides easier access to clean water. This pure water is suitable for doing different tasks efficiently. But, the leaking of under sink water filter may happen with time. The following are the causes for the water filter leaking under the sink.

Age of water filter

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The first cause of the leaking is the age of the water filter. Every water filter comes with a specific lifespan. The filter will not be able to work correctly after that time. Further, the water filter in a high pressurized under-sink system will cause the tear.

This tearing of the water filter causes leaking. Besides the pressure, the older water filter has a high chance of leaking. The best solution to keep the system away from the leaking problem is to change the filter. Moreover, the water filter has to change regularly after its lifespan.  

Water pressure spike

The second cause of leaking is the water pressure spike. If the input water is with a pressure spike, then the under sink filter system becomes pressurized. This water pressure spike in the system will cause damage to both the water filter and the system.

In addition to it, it will also cause harm to home appliances. There is a risk of leaking in its water filter. This leaking problem can quickly solve if you will take preventive measures. Use a pressure regulator in the under sink water filter. The pressure regulator will automatically regulate the pressure before going to the system.

Water Filter Leaking Under Sink

Over tight filter housing

The third cause is the common mistake. Many people consider that over-tightening of the water filter will never cause leak problems. But it is not correct. The over-tightening will cause a crack in the housing as well as the water filter. You can easily prevent this situation. When you install the filter in the housing, only one time fix the screws. Avoid the, again and again, tightening of the screws.

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Accidental bumping

This fourth cause is the most common cause of the leak problem. The accidentally bumping of the filter system underneath the sink will cause a leak. You can easily prevent this leaking problem. Never store things in the under-sink cabinet near the filtration system. Otherwise, the accidental bumping of anything over the water filter will create the problem of leakage.

The above four are the major causes of the water filter leaking under the sink. It is more suitable to take some action to prevent all such leaking problems.