Dangers Of Not Changing Water Filter

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Dangers Of Not Changing Water Filter

Any type of water filter (water filter jug or other that you use in your daily routine is made to work for a specific time. The maximum time of most of the good water filters are more than six months. Each filter has a specific time of using and after that time the filter should be changed. Otherwise, there are many main dangers of not changing water filter are shown by the filter.

The goal of water filters is to eliminate the different contaminants. The contaminants include harmful minerals and other microorganisms etc. With the passage of time, all captured contaminants by the filter are build-up in the water filter and cause many dangers when you not changing the water filter. Following are the most common dangers of not changing the water filter.

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Passing Contaminants

When the water filter is not changed on time, it will not able to catch all contaminants from the contaminated water. This danger will directly lead you toward waterborne diseases. The harmful contaminants in water show the poor quality of the water. The replacement of filter is necessary to prevent all kinds of passing of contaminants.

Mineral Build-up`

The mineral build-up is also one of the dangers of not changing the filter. As in the above danger, the minerals or contaminants remain in the water after the lifespan of the filter. The recommended lifespan of a water filter ensures that minerals never build up in the filter. When you do not change the water filter after the specific lifespan, then a high amount of minerals are seen in the filtered water which causes severe illness.

Leaking of Build-up

Besides minerals, there are also many kinds of build-ups in the water filters with time. Such build-ups are more harmful. These build-ups are usually like goop that can leak out from the filter with the filtered water. The leaking of such build-ups causes foul taste with a disgusting color of the water.

Taste and Odour

When the water filter is not changed, the taste of filtered water turns into an unpleasant smell. It is the most common problem and danger when the water filter is not changed in time. When the water filter will not remove the contaminants then the filtered water has also a problem with smell and taste. Most commonly, the chemicals and minerals are the reasons for unpleasant taste and microbes for causing the smell.

Reduce water flow

After the lifespan of the water filter, the filter has a problem of clogged. This danger is due to the build-up of the minerals and contaminants in the filter. The clogged filter causes a decrease in water pressure and then the filter has reduced water flow.

Mold Growth

The mold starts to grow when the water filter is not replaced in time. This danger of the growth of mold in the water filter is due to the build-up of minerals in the filter. The build-up minerals give a great environment for mold growth.

The mold growth change the taste of water and also, it causes many illnesses and health issues such as diarrhea, headache, and sinus problem, etc.

Cloudy Ice

The ice cubes formed by the filter are clear outside but inside ice cube, you will notice a bit cloudy. But the tap water causes the more cloudy ice cube. The cloudiness is due to the many impurities like calcium, magnesium, etc. The filtered water after the lifespan of the working of filter also causes more cloudy ice cubes.

Dangers Of Not Changing Water Filter

Bad effect of chlorine

The chlorine is used by the tap water for the killing of harmful microbes. But the chlorine is also the reason for creating inadequate smell and taste. When the water filter is not changed on time, then the filter will not be enabled to reduce the bad effect of chlorine from water.

High chemical content

When the filter completes its lifespan, then the high chemical content will remain in the water and that filtered water is lead to many major risks of health. The chemicals include lead, phosphate, chloride, and many more.

Health risk

One of the greater dangers to not change the water filter is the risk of that filtered water on your health. The filtered water from a clogged water filter is very harmful. Because tap water is not safe for drinking and contains many contaminants, harmful chemicals, and pesticides, etc.

Scale Deposits

There are many good and as well as bad minerals in the water. When the filter exceeds from lifespan, then minerals are not eliminated properly and causing the scale deposits like limescale.

Fridge Ages Faster

The last danger of not changing the water filter in the fridge ages faster. When scale deposits by the water filter in the fridge, the proper functioning of the refrigerator is affected by it.

Why change the water filter in your refrigerator every 6 months?

If you’ve recently purchased a refrigerator with a water filter: congratulations! You have made a good decision! Who does not appreciate a good glass of cold filtered water, at any time of the day … And admit that you do not regret your purchase at all with the heat that arrives!

But beware ! Water filters have a limited lifespan and it is important to change them every 6 months. After all, no one likes to drink water full of particles and bacteria.

There are all kinds of ways to filter tap water, from a pitcher with a built-in filter to a mouthpiece that you attach to the tap. However, the most sustainable solution is the refrigerator with integrated water filter, because the device does not require so many changes.

Why is it important to change the filter every 6 months?

Nothing better than very pure water to quench your thirst. Water filters are used to reduce the number of impurities and give the water a consistently fresh taste, without a chlorine after taste. However, over time refrigerators with water dispensers need a little extra attention.

Water filters will retain their full effectiveness if changed regularly, as over time they lose their ability to adequately retain particles and pollutants. After 6 months, it is possible for the filter to clog and bacteria to grow in it, which means you will find some in the water you drink and the ice you consume.

In addition, after several months of use, water and ice may develop a somewhat unpleasant taste or an unpleasant odor. When this happens, it’s high time to go for a new filter!

In addition, if you notice that the water flow decreases and that the ice is struggling to come out of the dispenser, it is probably the filter that is at fault. Accumulations of particles on the surface could well be the cause. So, don’t take any risks and take a reserve of filters that you will change every 6 months. Mark the date on your calendars! And if in doubt, many refrigerator models equipped with filters have an indicator light that lets you know when it’s time to change it.

What type of filter to choose?

Depending on the manufacturer, choose the right type of filter and install it properly, following the guidelines for a specific refrigerator model. Some filters fit in the refrigerator or the freezer and must be attached differently depending on the case.

In closing, when you buy a filter, just make sure you keep it in a safe place, in its original packaging, until you change it. Thus, you will be able to enjoy crystal clear water with a pure taste at all times!