Propur Vs Berkey

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Propur Vs Berkey

1. Propur Vs Berkey: Which is the most suitable?

When we compared both Propur and Berkey water filters, we come to know that both are the best and famous industries that manufactured the best quality of water filters. Both are the best competitor to each other and if Berkey is best in one action then the Propur is also best in that action. There are many comparisons between these two brands. But also there are differences in styles and filtration offerings between Propur and Berkey and these differences make them unique in their ways. This article propur vs berkeywill help you out about which brand is the most suitable option for using in the house.

Propur and Berkey both give a variety of different sizes of systems. Berkey is perfect to remove more contaminants and Propur is perfect to remove fluoride without any additional cost. Propur is the best choice for those who want a cheaper option but mostly, people choose Berkey as the best water filter.

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2. Berkey Overview

Berkey is founded in the late 1990s and introduced Berkey Filters that made this brand the best water filtration industry. The great quality filtered water is produced by it. The main objective of Berkey is to ensure that customer must be 100% satisfied. The majority of people give five stars reviews on their website and this thing shows that they have achieved their objective. The Berkey is used as the best gravity filter. With the manufacturing of Big Berkey, there are also five more best variants of water filters of Berkey.

3. Propur Overview

Berkey is older than Propur. The Propur is established in 2011 and its objective is to provide healthy drinking water to the whole earth. Propur is very vast in its manufacturing and best filter industry to produce water filters and water softeners. It is an ambitious company that sold its products all over the world. The cutting edge filtering technology is utilized by these filters.

4. Berkey vs Propur Comparison Chart

Berkey Propur 
Capacity OptionHighest filter capacity 6 gallonsHighest filter capacity 2.75 gallons
Housing material304 polished stainless steel304 Brushed or polished stainless steel 
Spigot materialBPA free Polypropylene spigot304 stainless steel spigot
Filter MaterialHigh grade coconut shell carbonGranular Activated carbon
LifeSpan3-5 years6 months
WarrantyStandard 2 years warrantyStandard 2 years warranty
Propur Vs Berkey

5. Contaminants removed by Propur & Berkey

Both Propur and Berkey filter enables to kill up to 200 ranges of different harmful contaminants. The drinking water impurities are harmful to health that includes chlorine, lead, etc. The harmful contaminants from water include bacteria, algae, etc. The water impurities and harmful contaminants are removed by these filters very easily.

6. Performance Comparison: Propur Vs Berkey

The things become easier and interesting when the Berkey and Propur water filter are compared with each other. The filtration process and filtered-water result of Propur water filters are much equal to Berkey water filters with some minor differences.

Performance of Berkey:

There seems a high-quality performance of Black Berkey elements. The Black Berkey elements enable to elimination of more than 200 different impurities from water with a speedy rate that is required for a great water filter. A big Berkey filter consists of two black Berkey elements. This filter is capable to produce filter water at a fast flow rate of more than 3.5 gallons per hour. When the water goes down, its flow rate will reduce so for a faster flow rate, keep topping up.

The Big Berkey also contains an extra room to add more two Black Berkey Elements. The purpose of this increase of black Berkey elements is to increase the speed of the process of water filtration and also increase the lifespan of filters. The filters are NSF certified and ensure to decrease the level of harmful contaminants from water.

Performance of Propur:

The ProOne Propur offers the high-quality performance as the Berkey filters provide. The exact number of contaminants removed by this filter is not known. The ProOne has the best flow rate of producing more than 3 gallons of clean water in only 6 to 7 hours by one filter. This one filter works for a long time as compared to Black Berkey elements. But big Berkey has the option of adding further filters to improve the flow rate. So when we compared Propur Vs Berkey, there have not seemed very large differences.

The filter of ProOne has also certified against NSF or ANSI and ensures to reduce a long-range of harmful contaminants. The website also ensures that their filter meet these basic standards.

7. Models and upfront cost

Usually, the Berkey water filters have an upfront cost of 120 dollars for a pair of Black Berkey elements. Such models provide filtered water for 1-5 years. Just like Berkey water filters, the Propur also comes in a variety of models and different upfront costs. The cost is 279-dollar, 278-dollar, etc.

8. Filter lifespan and replacement costs

Now, we will tell you about the filter lifespan and also how much it costs for the replacement of filters of both Propur and Berkey.


The two packs of Black Berkey elements on the gravity water filter system can last up to 6,000 gallons of filtered water. The lifespan of a filter totally depends on how much-filtered water is utilized on a daily basis so it is impossible to measure the exact time frame of the lifespan of the filter. The cost of elements is pricey and is approximately 120-dollars for two packs. You will have to pay only one time this cost and then enjoy the filtered water throughout the year.


The filters of Propur are sold individually at different sizes. There is 69.50 dollars cost of 5 inches filter and the cost of 7 inches filter is about 74.50 dollars and the cost of 9 inches filter is about 79.50 dollars. The bigger size of filter runs for a longer time. When the filters are used on regular basis, then the lifespan of 5 inches filter will more than six months, 7 inches filter will 10 months and the 9 inches filter will above 12 months.

9. Customer Reviews


Berkey is considered as the most positive reviewed gravity filters. Overall the world, Berkey is most popular among the people. The rating of Big Berkey is about 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. More than 800 people give the review of Berkey on Amazon. People said that they never find out any fault while using this gravity filter. They are comfortable by the nature of filtered water.

The only complaint of Berkey is the rubber smell that was experienced by many people when they use this gravity filter. The only solution is that to change that rubber with silicone washers.


The Propur has also a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. But, on Amazon lesser people review this water filter as compared to Big Berkey. The customers provide positive feedback about this filter that it provides clean and filtered water. The water is free from different contaminants and best for drinking.

The only issue seen by the Propur gravity water filter is that it rusts. Some customers claimed that every model of the Propur is made from different materials. Some are made from better quality of material and some are not.

10. Pros and Cons of Berkey vs Propur

Pros of Berkey:

  • Stainless steel build
  • Filters can be cleaned
  • Filters out an impressive range of contaminants
  • Relatively portable
  • Optional fluoride reduction

Cons of Berkey:

  • Needs refilling regularly
  • Expensive upfront cost

Pros of Propur:

  • Cheaper than Berkey
  • Removes fluoride with no extra cost
  • Portable Options

Cons of Propur:

  • Filters don’t last as long
  • Doesn’t remove as many contaminants

11. Should I Buy Propur or Berkey?

It totally depends on your budget. If you want a less expensive filter then buy Propur. Propur is a low-cost water filter but very identical to Berkey. However, it removes less contaminant but a great choice for low-cost water filters.

Choosing between Propur Vs Berkey is a little tough task. Because both filters show their best performance in delivering high quality filtered water. According to brand recognition, the Berkey comes first and then comes Propur.  

12. Propur Versus Berkey Water Filters – Myth vs Fact

There is a myth about the material used in the manufacturing of Propur water filters. The fact is that Propur is made from stainless steel instead of cheap plastic material that causes leaking and easily breaks down. Most of the myths are shown against the Propur as compared to Berkey water filters.

13. Conclusion

A gravity water filter is the most affordable way to get filtered water in your home. The decision between the choosing of Berkey and Propur unit is a confusing task. Each gravity water filter has its good performance. We hope that this article will help you in solving your problem of which gravity filter among Propur and Berkey should be chosen.