Big Berkey vs royal Berkey

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Big Berkey Vs Royal Berkey

1. Introduction to Big Berkey Vs Royal Berkey:

The brand Berkey water filter provides the best quality of water filters such as Royal Berkey vs Big Berkey. Both are excellent in their performance. These are considered as the best go-to Berkey filters that are the perfect choice for household usage. The Big Berkey and the Royal Berkey are the most convenient and reliable water filters. These provide a high quality of water. Now the question that appears in thoughts that what are some differences between these two best filters.

In this article, the great characteristics and advantages of both Berkey water filters are described. It will surely provide customers the awareness and more knowledge about the water filters.  So anyone can easily choose the best water filter for their house.

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       The Big Berkey Water Filter is smaller:

The Big Berkey is smaller in its size. The capacity of the tank to produce filter water is about 8.5 liters. The system contains a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 Black Berkey filters for the process of purification. When the upper chamber of the system is full with the working of two Berkey filters, the maximum flow rate of filtered water becomes 13L or 3.5 gallons. When the water will reduce in the upper chamber, then the flow rate will also reduce.

This capacity and flow rate of the Big Berkey water filter system is most suitable for 1 to 4 people. The specification of this filter system makes it ideal for small families. It is also ideal for those people who have a major concern about the space of the water filter.

       The Royal Berkey Water Filter Purifies Faster and Holds More Water:

The Royal Berkey is a slightly larger filter system as compared to the Big Berkey filter system. The capacity of the tank is to hold a maximum of 3.25 gallons of filtered water. The diameter and the height of the system are about 9.5 inches and 24 inches respectively. The system has two filters at the time of purchasing but it can also accommodate four filters.

The high flow rate depends on when the upper chamber has flowed the same as that of Big Berkey. But the Royal Berkey has a high flow rate of 4 gallons or 8 gallons according to the number of filters used in the system. It has a high capacity with a high flow rate that makes it best for 2 to 10 people usage.

Big Berkey Vs Royal Berkey

2. Factors to consider when buy a Berkey filter system

Before going into more detailed information about Big Berkey vs Royal Berkey, we enlighten on the different factors that must be considered at the time of choosing the Berkey filtration water system.


Size is the number one major factor in determining the best Berkey filter system. You want to purchase the exact right size of the Berkey filter for your house. Every person has different needs. Some want big water filter systems and some want smaller ones. For the determining of the size, first you should know about the total number of people in your house. The number of house members helps a lot.

Another thing to determine about what kind of size is required by your house is where your house is located. If you live in a city, then a smaller size filter system is a perfect choice. It is suitable to fit in your flat and very convenient to use. It is the easier way to get safe drinking water.

     Amount of space

Spatial awareness is also an important factor in choosing the Berkey water filter system. No doubt, the Berkey filtration system is an easy access to get clean and filtered water. But, you also know about the space of your house and the space required by the Berkey filtration system. Both of these factors you should know before purchasing the Berkey water filtration system. At last, you will succeed in choosing the right Berkey filtration system for the household.

3. Comparison Chart: Big Berkey Vs Royal Berkey

The following chart shows you the comparison between the Big Berkey and the Royal Berkey.

SystemBig BerkeyRoyal Berkey
Capacity2.25 Gallons or 8.5L3.25 Gallons or 12.3L
Diameter8.5 inches9.5 inches
Flow Rate3.5 Gallons per hour4 Gallons per hour
Height21 inches24 inches
Serves1-4 People2-10 People
Weight7 lbs empty8 lbs empty                                         
2 Black Berkey Filters49cms Height
22cms Diameter
33cms Height Packed for travel
59cms Height
24cms Diameter 39cms
Height Packed for travel
4 Black Berkey Filters49cms Height
22cms Diameter
33cms Height Packed for travel
59cms Height
24cms Diameter
39cms Height Packed for travel

4. The Big Berkey Filter:

     Flow rate of filtration

The maximum flow rate of the Big Berkey is more than 2.25 Gallons and it enables to production of 3.5 gallons of filtered water in each hour. The flow rate is totally depending on how much purification elements are installed in the system.

If there are two purification elements in the system then the system can filter more than 3.5 gallons of filtered water. If there are 4 purification elements, then the filter must be provided more than 7 gallons of water every hour. The purification elements are the main feature of the Big Berkey. The elements have the main power to produce great filtered water that is safe to use.

     Customer Reviews

When we see customer reviews on the Big Berkey, we notice that majority of the people are happy to use this product for filtration of water. They claimed that all kinds of harmful contaminants are removed from their tap water and the filtered water produced by it is clean and pure. It is a great size filtration system for 1 to 4 family members.

5. The Royal Berkey purifies faster:

     Flow rate of filtration

The flow rate of filtration is the main difference between these two models. The maximum flow rate of filtration is changed in both systems. But, again the flow rate depends on the purification elements. The purification rate of the filter is very fast and enables to produce filtered water with fats speed.

The Royal Berkey produces filtered water of more than four gallons per hour when the system contains two purification elements. If the Royal Berkey is with the four Black Berkey Purification Elements, the flow rate becomes double and enables to produce more than eight gallons of filtered water per hour.

     Customer reviews

The customers give positive feedback about using the Royal Berkey. According to the majority of people, they say that the filtration process of the system is very fast and the filtered water is free from harmful contaminants or harmful metals. The filter is perfect to use for 2 to 10 members of the family.

6. Reasons to buy Berkey Filters

There are many reasons that motivate us to choose the Berkey filters as compared to other models of the filtration system. The Berkey Filters are the most known and tough competitor in the industry of water filter systems. They ensure to deliver the high quality of the filtered water. 99.99% of harmful contaminants are removed by the Berkey filters. Further, the filters are tested and certified to remove harmful contaminants as well as harmful metals that are injurious to health.

In addition, they deliver high-quality water with the best flow rate. The Berkey filters are reliable to use and they only remove harmful chemicals and contaminants from water and convert it into clean filtered water and the necessary minerals remain in the water.

7. Conclusion:

Both the Big Berkey and Royal Berkey are ideal to use. They show their best performance. All types of different harmful contaminants and harmful metals are removed by the Big Berkey and the Royal Berkey water filtration system. The purchasing of the Big Berkey or the Royal Berkey is totally depending on the needs of your house. We hope that this article will help you in selecting the right model of Berkey filters for your home.

FAQs about Berkey Filters

Q: Why is Berkey banned in California?

The only reason behind the ban of Berkey filters in California is that there is a law in California that strictly stated that all products of water filtration must be certified as Lead-Free products. But none of the product of Berkey is certified as Lead-free because the certification process is costly. Yet the products never contain lead.

Q: Is Berkey better than Brita?

Brita and Berkey both give the best outputs. The pitchers of Brita are portable and also less in price. The Berkey filters are durable and ensure to remove the maximum amount of harmful contaminants from water.

Q: Does Berkey filter remove viruses?

The Berkey Filtration system contains Black Berkey Elements that made the systems as the best water purifiers. These filters enable to remove 99.99% of viruses and as well as bacteria. This feature enhances the standard of Berkey filters.

Q: Why does my Berkey water taste bad?

The Berkey water filters will never cause the reason of producing bad taste of water. The bad taste is due to the dust in the filters. The priming of filters must be required in order to get filtered water free of bad taste.