Top 10 Best Water Purifier

Best Water Purification Systems For Home

Even clear water can detect fine particles, bacteria, microbes and other dirt invisible to the naked eye. In order for the house tap to provide good quality drinking water, use the proper purifier. Several models are now available on the market.

When purchasing, you must determine in advance what the water to be purified will be used for.

If it is for sanitary facilities, the user does not need to invest in a complicated water purifier. On the other hand, one should not be mistaken for the water supply of the kitchen because health depends on it.

Top 10 Best Water Purifier

Image Product Details   Price
Brita Water Pitcher  Brita Water Pitcher BPA free, Compatible with Longlast and Standard water filters Check Price
LifeStraw Personal Water Filter  LifeStraw personal water filter  Filter more than 792 gallons (3,000 liters) Check Price
PUR Water Pitcher Replacement Filter  PUR Water Pitcher Replacement Filter 3 pack of easy-to-change water filter replacements fits in all PUR pitchers and dispensers  Check Price
BRITA On Tap – The Best Tap Filter System BRITA On Tap BPA Free, Fits Standard Faucets Check Price
ISpring 75GPD – The Best Osmosis Filtration System iSpring 75GPD C Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System  Check Price
Brita Carafe – Most Sold Brita Carafe Water Filter Jug, Compatible with BRITA MAXTRA+ Cartridges Check Price
Brita – The Largest BRITA -Largest 8.5 L White Check Price
Brita Brand On Tap Tap Water Filter BRITA Tap Water Filter Check Price
H2O Taps Faucet Water Filter H2O Taps Faucet Water Filter Stainless Steel Tap Water Filter Check Price

 1. Brita Water Pitcher

Best Water Purifier

Brita Water Pitcher is with one filter and one STD and found in white. It is used as an everyday water pitcher that is made from BPA and very safe to use.

This water pitcher can easily filter more than 10 cups of water at a time. The 3 reusable bottle of 24-ounce are easily filled with the filtered water by this water pitcher.


The water will never be wasted and the taste of water is very great-tasting. By using the Brita water pitcher, it will save your money as compared to water bottles. This water pitcher is compatible with all standard and long last water filters. The Longlast filters will replace after the production of 120 gallons of filtered water after every six months. The standard filters will change after every two months of filter 40 gallons.


This water pitcher has the best design and easily fits perfectly on any shelves of the refrigerator. It features a locking lid for easy filling and also easy to pour. The total weight is about 2.29 pounds. The length, width, and height of this water pitcher is 10.94 inches, 5.59 inches, and 10.47 inches respectively.


The water filter is best in its many qualities that no other water filters have in them. It enables the elimination of chlorine, mercury, zinc, and all other harmful chemicals. The electronic indicator is used to produce filtered water that is very clean and pure.

  • Cleaner and great tasting water
  • Easy-fill locking lid
  • Easy to pour filtered water
  • Compatible with Longlast and Standard water filters
  • White reservoir is not come out for cleaning purpose

If you want an amazing water filter that not only produces clean and great tasting water but also saves your money then this product is the best choice for you.

2. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Best Water Purifier

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter is considered the best water filter for hiking, camping, traveling, and any kind of emergency. This water filter will provide 792 gallons or 3000 liters of filtered water.

This filtered water is best and safe for drinking because no chemicals or iodine is used in the filtering of contaminated water.


The LifeStaw is a personal water filter for one person. It can quickly and easily remove more than 99.99 % of bacteria. The bacteria include vibrio cholera, E-Coli, and campylobacter, etc. The 99.9% of protozoa that include Giardia Lamblia, Cryptosporidium Parvum, etc are removed by this water purifier.


There is no shelf life for this water purifier and can be stored easily even after use. The membrane micro-filters contain hollow fiber membranes. The microscopic pores are of 0.2 sizes of microns. The dirty water enters from one side of the filter and then bacteria and parasites are trapped. After the process of filtering, only clean water is produced.


This personal water filter is ultra-light and also uses no batteries or pumping for filtration. It is rigorously tested and has no expiration date and works for a long time. It is perfect for your family and friends and easy to use anywhere. The water purifier runs for a long time. It is a quality-made water filter that surely produces filtered water and it is the best filter option to use in any situation.

  • Drink water anywhere
  • Long lifespan
  • Safe drinking water without using chemicals
  • Perfect for hiking and camping
  • Cannot carry enough water for extended hikes

When you go traveling or hiking, then this personal water purifier is best to carry with you. It is a very light weight water filter that ensures to deliver you clean and filtered water.

3. PUR Water Pitcher Replacement Filter

Best Water Purifier

PUR Water Pitcher Replacement Filter is with lead reduction feature. It is a 3 pack water purifier and found in blue. This water pitcher filter is produced clean and filtered water.

The water filters replacement is very easy to change and easily fits in all kinds of PUR pitchers or dispensers, etc.


It is the lead reduction filter that reduces lead and all other harmful contaminants and it is certified by WQA. The drinking water with lead and contaminants is injurious to health and enables to eliminate 3X more harmful contaminants. It produces more than 40 gallons of filtered water and filter replace after the use of 1-2 months.

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The insert of this filter is very easy. It is designed in such a way that you can easily install filters in your home by yourself. For 15 minutes, the soak filer is required. Then rinse this filter for 10 seconds with chill water. After that insert the filter and then twist to lock. The last step is to fill the pour tray with water very easily. The filter is easily inserted and enables to produce unlimited filtered water.


The superior filtration technologies are utilized in this water filter. It easily reduces more than 70 different harmful contaminants. It provides the best water quality and works for a long time. The tap water may look cleaner but they contain harmful contaminants that are not easily visible by the human eye. This water purifier reduces all that contaminants.

  • Lead reduction filter
  • Best quality of filtered water
  • Save your money
  • Reduce lead and other contaminants
  • Water flow is slow sometimes

Filtered water is compulsory for health drinking. The water should pure and clean and the filtered water produced by it is completely free from all harmful contaminants and chemicals.

4. BRITA On Tap – The best tap filter system

Best Water Purifier

The most comfortable way to savor the filtered water directly from your home tap is to use the BRITA purifier filter system, the best tap water filter system in your kitchen!

It is an excellent domestic purifier, the best tap cleaner suitable for families.


Its filtration technology transforms simple tap water into fresh drinking water, filtered and ready to be drunk in the quantities you want. While the “on tap” filter of this purifier is applied directly to the tap, offering distillation directly.


Installation is easy and requires no tools. Who designed this purifier also took care to equip it with a practical selector that allows you to choose whether to dispense filtered or unfiltered water. So, in case you decide to wash the dishes, you just need to disable the filtration.


The purifier is equipped with Reffil 1200L activated carbon filters that reduce chlorine, for cleaner, clearer water with excellent taste. The filter of this purifier exhausts its performance after about 3 months, and thanks to the electronic LED indicator for filter replacement you will not have to worry about checking the state of wear every time.

So if you are looking for the best purifier that does not encumber your kitchen countertop, which can be applied directly to the tap and which allows you to save money, the best purifier on the market is definitely BRITA On Tap!

  • Applicable directly to the tap
  • Selector that allows you to activate or deactivate the filtering mode
  • Perfect water purifier for home use
  • The activated carbon of the Refill 1200L filter
  • Low maintenance purifier
  • It does not take up space
  • Don’t have it.

5. iSpring 75GPD – The best osmosis filtration system

Best Water Purifier

The reverse osmosis system is today one of the most sustainable ways to eliminate impurities from water.

Are you looking for the best legendary reverse osmosis system with alkaline and minerals?

Here, the best-selling item for home use with this type of filtration. This model is characterized by a six-phase filtration process to provide sparkling mineral water, completely pure, bottled directly from the tap at home.


Thanks to its osmosis filtration technology, this purifier is able to reduce the pH fluctuations of your body, returning minerals such as ions of calcium, magnesium, sodium and ionized potassium to the water.


Considerable is the question of space, since this purifier must be installed directly under the sink, so as not to occupy other surfaces in the kitchen. It leaves you your spaces, guaranteeing you water free of lead, TDS, sodium, radioactive contamination and all the main contaminants. An excellent domestic purifier, the best osmosis under-sink water purifier.


If you want to improve the water of your home and consequently also your well-being, this purifier is able to satisfy your need, allowing you to keep your spaces! It is a product with a purification performance and unique construction quality! A must try!

  • 6-stage osmosis water filtration system
  • Advanced technology that completely eliminates harmful substances
  • Free from annoying noises
  • Returns minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and ionized potassium ions
  • Chromatic luxury tap
  • Purifier that leaves you your spaces in the kitchen
  • PH balanced water production
  • Price not exactly cheap
  • Editing not immediate (but still intuitive).

6. Brita Carafe – Most sold

Best Water Purifier

Tired of limestone in the kettle? Can’t get used to the smell of chlorine? It’s time to buy Brita 1008802, the best domestic water purifier that can also be used at the table.

Thanks to its small size it can be used as if it were a real bottle of water and therefore can be easily put in the fridge.

And cleaning has never been so easy: the carafe can be dismantled to be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher.


This model with a rather sober and elegant design, uses a MAXTRA filter capable of reducing limestone, chlorine and other impurities. From the opinions of the users, in fact, an excellent construction quality accompanied by an excellent filtering capacity of the product emerges. That’s why it is the best-selling item in domestic homes, with many (if not all) positive opinions.


It is an excellent purifier which, with its filtering capacity of 1.4 liters and with a capacity of 2.4 liters, is perfect for meeting the needs of a small family unit. The “Memo” indicator is extremely convenient and will notify you when the filter needs to be changed.


An excellent model, relatively inexpensive if you consider the presence of three filters included in the price and the cost of spare filters. Soft grip and non-slip base guarantee easy and intuitive use, confirming its practicality in domestic use.

  • Three filters included in the package
  • Easy and intuitive use
  • MAXTRA filter capable of eliminating limescale, chlorine and other impurities
  • “Memo” indicator that reminds you when to replace the filter
  • Excellent value for money
  • Small purifier
  • Some users found it rather delicate


7. Brita – The largest

Best Water Purifier

Are not the liters that the classic purifier can hold? Are you numerous in the family? This interesting container-shaped model is perfect for you!

With a filtration capacity of 5.3l and a total capacity of 8.5l, having good and clean water always at hand will not be a problem. An excellent 2019 home water purifier for those with XXL needs.

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A purifier with great satisfactions and compact shape, designed to be placed comfortably in the fridge thus obtaining an excellent treatment of distilled and fresh water. For those who want to exploit the performance of this purifier by keeping it outside, the purifier will be able to satisfy it by providing purified water at room temperature.


The presence of an electronic MEMO indicator that will remind you to replace the doubler cartridge when necessary is decidedly comfortable. While its exclusive MAXTRA FlowControl filter ensures optimal filtering time for water free of harmful chemicals.


It can be washed comfortably by hand, but it can also be easily dismantled and washed in the dishwasher at 50 °. Furthermore, it can be refilled without any effort through the removable lid.

For good, light, pure water to drink, for you and for your whole large family, Brita100239 is the ideal solution!

  • Large filtration capacity
  • Electronic indicator for spare MEMO cartridge
  • A MAXTRA filter cartridge is included
  • Water purifier easily dishwasher safe at 50 °
  • Easily refillable through the removable lid
  • It can be put in the fridge, or you can even decide to leave it outside
  • In the case of a small refrigerator it may be inconvenient to keep it inside.

8. Brita brand On Tap tap water filter

Best Water Purifier

This water purifier is a simple and practical solution. It mounts directly on the tap . It has a cartridge that can filter up to 1,200 liters of water.

Would you like to have a source of good water directly to your home? Then this purifier is for you!


Its activated carbon removes organic impurities and fine particles and then reduces the chlorine level, thereby improving the taste and purity of the water supplied.


An LED indicator lights up when the filter needs to be changed after about 3 months. This model allows you to enjoy home water with a more pleasant flavor, in the name of savings and respect for the environment.


And if you are concerned about not knowing where to place such ingenuity, you don’t have to redesign your kitchen! The purifier leaves you your spaces. It was designed especially for today’s kitchens.

  • dimension: 17 x 14.8 x 9.4 cm
  • weight 399 grams
  • Three light buttons are clearly visible on the purifier: green when everything is fine, orange to prompt the cartridge to be changed, red when it is really necessary to replace it.
  • Its reversible control button.
  • It allows you to go from unfiltered water to potable water with a pleasant taste.
  • The filter wear indicator.
  • Its compatibility.
  • This purifier is not suitable for all faucets so it must be taken into account when purchasing.

9. H2O Taps Faucet Water Filter

Best Water Purifier

Another good filtration solution is that which uses the pressure of the tap water to proceed with a filtration higher than that of the filter jugs.

Tap water purifiers are sophisticated microfiltration systems for domestic use that differ from the models on sale in terms of autonomy, size, ease of installation and price.


The amount of water produced by domestic tap water purifiers is very limited and the interchangeable filter must be replaced more frequently.

The great advantages of these microfiltration purifiers are the purchase and exercise price and their size, they are easily applied to the kitchen or laundry tap and produce excellent water for about 3 months for each filter.


Replacing water bottles with a Taps H2O filter will save you up to € 300 a year. In addition, you will contribute to the protection of the environment as you will reduce the consumption of plastic.

The filtration of tap water provides an optimal and odorless taste and quality water, keeping the minerals beneficial for our health. Unlike other filtration systems, this system does not produce waste water, which makes it less expensive to use and more environmentally friendly.


The stainless steel water filter offers long lasting performance compared to the ABS plastic tap filters and prevents breakage, distortion or any type of corrosion.

It is non-toxic and there is no risk of leakage. After trying the stainless steel filter, you will immediately notice the difference.They use the most advanced technology to obtain the highest quality. It can be used for 3 months.

  • Filtration rate 6 liters / minute.
  • Eliminates 100% chlorine from tap water.It adapts to the vast majority of taps and sinks thanks to its 360 degree rotation.
  • The filter is easy to install and use because it has a diverter that allows you to switch, in a very simple way, from direct tap water to filtered water through the mechanism.
  • easy to install .
  • Eliminates 100% chlorine .
  • no risk of leakage .
  • long lasting performance .
  • does not produce waste water .
  • None


We described all the best water purifiers in this review. The great water purifier ensures to always produce filtered water. Among all water purifiers, the Brita Water Pitcher is the top best water purifier. It comes with one filter and one STD. This purifier is made free from BPA and very safe to use as the best water filter. The water pitcher enables you to easily refill three reusable bottles of 24-ounce. It will never waste-water and the water has great-tasting. It is compatible with any standard and long last filters. The compact design makes it easier to easily fit on any shelves.

10 Most Common Errors When Choosing A Best Water Purification Systems For Home

Doubts about the quality of the water in your taps. You want to buy a water filter to drink at home. But you don’t know where to start.

Here I have prepared 10 common mistakes that you should not make if you want to make a good choice for your home water filter .

1. Not knowing the quality of the water entering your home

Where does your water come from? Is your water chlorinated? Does it come directly from a well, river or lake without prior treatment? Do you have nitrates? Lead? Arsenic?

Does it taste, smell and / or color bad?

The first step to knowing which water filter we need (if we really need one) is to know for sure the quality of the water that comes out of our tap.

If we do not know what pollutants it has, we will hardly be able to make the right choice.

Where does your water come from? Is your water chlorinated? Does it come directly from a well, river or lake without prior treatment? Do you have nitrates? Lead? Arsenic?

Does it taste, smell and / or color bad?

Prior information is essential.

How to know the quality of the water we have?

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But what I recommend first is to know the quality of your water.

A straightforward option is to have your water tested .

If you don’t have any information about your water, it’s worth spending some money hiring a laboratory. Rather, this is not an expense: it is an investment. In this way, you will have certainty of the pollutants in your water and choosing one filter or another will be very simple.

2. Not having previously informed about the existing filtering technologies (and minimally understanding them)

Activated carbon, Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration Membranes, UV disinfection, etc., are domestic technologies that exist to improve water quality and that we can easily find in the market.

They are unusual terms and often difficult to understand by users without knowledge of chemistry or water treatment.

Each particular case will require a technology (or a combination of several) to achieve the desired water quality.

That is why I recommend that you inform yourself well before. You can ask me if you have doubts.

3. Be blindly “advised” by a commercial agent

This is one of the most typical mistakes: that a skilled salesperson ends up selling you something you don’t need.

Before you start talking to sellers, gather basic information, contact neutral and impartial experts – such as Ecosocial Water and be clear about your real needs.

Or you risk being “sold the bike”.

4. Not being clear about your real needs

What do I mean by real needs?

Well, to buy something that solves your problem, period. No more.

Would you buy a 4 × 4 all-terrain vehicle if you live in a flat, paved city to go to work every day that is less than 1 km from your home?

The logical thing is that you buy something smaller to get around, such as a bike, motorcycle or small car. With that you would solve your problem.

Why buy the most expensive filtration equipment that promises to remove all existing and existing contaminants, when your tap water is drinkable and disinfected?

5. Not having done a basic long-term calculation (5 years)

Another serious mistake is simply looking at the purchase price of the filter. A realistic comparison should include, in addition to the purchase price, other factors such as:

  • Rejection water and electricity cost (if any).
  • Maintenance costs and replacement of cartridges or filter media.
  • Installation costs (if you need it).
  • Shipping costs (if you buy online).
  • Repair of sensitive parts.
  • Required extras (e.g. a 3-way tap, a sediment pre-filter, etc.)

6. Not having been informed about the company that will sell us the equipment or about the manufacturer

It is important to know the reputation of the manufacturer, to know if our filter will fulfill its mission.

There is a lot of misleading advertising and many “miracle filters” on the market. So watch out.

Knowing that it is a solid company, with (verifiable) quality certifications, and that it guarantees us a supply of cartridges and spare parts over time, is very important.

On more than one occasion it has happened that a company disappears or stops manufacturing a type of spare part and users are left “hanging” without being able to use their filters, which are also incompatible with other brands.

And make sure that the filter materials are of good quality, so that it has a long life and does not break any parts after a short time of use.

7. Not being clear about the risk of poor maintenance of your water filter

They say that sometimes the remedy is worse than the disease.

If you are a careless or forgetful person, you will need to come up with something to follow the cycle of replacing your filter.

You should follow the recommendations of your manufacturer (for example, something typical is usually to change cartridges every 6 months).

Some companies take care of maintenance and do everything for you, even replacement. Others notify you and send you the cartridges after a few months.

But the most common is that each user feeds alone.

And the problem comes when we spend time, since we can favor the proliferation of microorganisms and end up drinking water of poorer quality, even being able to have health problems .

8. Not knowing your own indoor facilities

Many times we have the enemy inside the house.

It may be that our water company is supplying us with excellent quality water but that when it passes through our indoor facilities, it becomes contaminated.

Even dirt in the taps can cause a loss of quality in filtered water. That is why hygiene, cleanliness of our taps is important (avoid direct contact of the taps with the mouth, hands, kitchen towels, pets, etc.)

9.Have little “serious” reasons for deciding to install a water filter

There are people who buy a filter for fashion; or because a neighbor in the area has told them that the water is not drinkable; or because a cousin of yours who lives in another city has one at home.

These reasons are not serious and you run the risk of buying something that you do not need.

It is important to be very clear about your motivation for wanting to install a domestic filter and to have previously informed yourself, knowing well the quality of the water that comes out of your tap.

10.Not taking the environment into account

When choosing a filter, we generally think about our health and our pocketbook.

We want to drink good quality water that gives us good health and, at the same time, we want to pay a fair price for it.

Logical. But we should also think if our choice is the most respectful with the Environment.

Just the fact of stopping buying bottled water and generating plastic waste is already a big step towards being more ecological.

But, as we start to choose and compare business options, we should value the option that solves our problem in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


So that you don’t forget, I compile the 10 errors below as a summary:

  1. Not knowing the quality of the water entering your home
  2. Not having previously informed about existing filtering technologies (and minimally understanding them)
  3. Being blindly “advised” by a commercial agent
  4. Not being clear about your real needs
  5. Not having done a basic long-term calculation (5 years)
  6. Have not informed about the company that will sell us the equipment or about the manufacturer
  7. Not being clear about the risk involved in poor maintenance of your filter
  8. Not knowing your own indoor facilities
  9. Have little “serious” reasons for deciding to install a water filter
  10. Not taking into account the environment

As you can see, the most common mistakes have to do with rushing and misinforming yourself.