Ultrafiltration vs reverse osmosis

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Ultrafiltration Vs Reverse Osmosis

Particularly, reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration are great and effective systems. Incidentally, they are great for the filtration of water. In the first place, both systems have remarkable properties. Besides, there is difference also between these two systems. When we see towards the ultrafiltration vs reverse osmosis, there are clear differences. In short, the reverse osmosis and the ultrafiltration system has its pros and cons.

What is ultrafiltration?

In brief, the ultrafiltration removes small as well as large particles. Coupled with the particles, this system also removes viruses. The pore size of the filter of this system is near about 0.01 micron. Consequently, it can remove any tiny size particles.

Benefits of Ultrafiltration system

  • Eliminates viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens
  • Quick & easy installation process
  • Works at low pressure of water & not waste too much water
  • Less costly than reverse osmosis

What is reverse osmosis?

In summary, the pore size of this system is 0.0001 micron. Subsequently, the water surely becomes pure and clean after the filtration. Moreover, this system enables to remove large amount of harmful contaminants. Over their filtration process, it also removes many essential minerals.

Ultrafiltration Vs Reverse Osmosis

Benefits of reverse osmosis

  • It eliminates all impurities from the water
  • Improve the taste of water with the removal of odor
  • Convenient to use and need lower maintenance
  • Less costly to operate and provide better-tasting water

Water filtration technologies

Generally, reverse osmosis refers to RO and ultrafiltration refers to UF. Both of these systems utilize the technology of the membrane.

The reverse osmosis has a semi-permeable membrane. Namely, it removes more than 98% of the dissolved minerals. As a result, water becomes filtered.

On the other hand, the ultrafiltration system has a membrane of hollow fiber. This membrane ensures the removal of ting contaminants. Together with it, this filter is a mechanical sort. Therefore, it enables to filter water of more than 0.025-micron level. Thus, it names as ultrafiltration.

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Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis Water

Removal of minerals and TDS

    What RO removes?

The reverse osmosis enables to removal of a large amount of dissolved minerals. Thereby, the resulting water is free and pure. Most of the people want this sort of water as it is free from all minerals. In this way, you will get high pure water. Afterward, you can also get RO water with minerals by using a remineralizing filter.

    What UF removes?

In opposite to reverse osmosis, the UF cannot remove dissolved solids. In particular, it will remove only solid particulate. On the positive side, this unit has a fine micron. Furthermore, it will remove all sorts of contaminants such as sediment, cysts, etc.

 To summarize, it is great for those who want filtered water that also contains minerals.

Reverse OsmosisUltrafiltration
Arsenic X
Fluoride X
Salts X

Storage and Conservation

The reverse osmosis has a storage tank. But the ultrafiltration does not need any storage tank. The similarity between both the system is that both need a dedicate faucet. The filtered water will not directly come to the faucet of the kitchen sink. The ultrafiltration system can easily work under low pressure of water. But the reverse osmosis stores the filtered water in the storage tank.

Reverse OsmosisUltra Filtration
Slow filter speeds (need a storage tank)Produce 1 gallon of filtered water in 1 minute
Wastewater after every 5 gallonsProduce no waster 
Needs minimum 50 psi for functioning Easily perform in low pressure also

Ultrafiltration Vs Reverse Osmosis: Installation

    UF installation

Especially, the installation of the UF unit is simplest. First of all, connect the supply of feed with the filter’s end. Secondly, connect with your kitchen’s faucet. Finally, the UF installation is of great advantage. You can install it in houses or apartments.

    RO installation

In comparison to UF installation, the installation of the RO system is a little complex. Accordingly, the system contains more connections for the more correctly functioning. Ordinarily, it performs its function very well. The filtered water reaches you after the complex system of filtration. The first step includes the movement of water toward the air gap faucet. The second step includes the passes of water to the drain lines. Lastly, the water reaches the storage tank. By the way, this system has the complex process of filtration. So then, it has more components and takes your proper time for installation. As compared to it, you can quickly install the UF unit in a very short time.


UF cost

Usually, the cost for the system of the ultrafiltration is between 150 to 200 dollars. In addition to it, the initial cost of the ultrafiltration is cheaper. However, the long term cost of this system is higher. The life span of the ultrafiltration filter is shorter.

 This unit will need more replacement of the filter and the filter membrane. Otherwise, the quality of water turns into a bad one. Likewise, this system becomes more costly than the RO system.

RO cost

Conversely to the UF system’s cost, the system of reverse osmosis has a cost of 200 dollars to 400 dollars. The initial cost of the reverse osmosis is high in contrast to the ultrafiltration. As we told its system is more complex, it needs more components to buy. Wherefore, you will need to buy the storage tank and the different minerals. Hence, the lifespan of the membrane and the filter of the reverse osmosis are longer. Singularly, it will also need fewer amounts of replacements.

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, every type of filtration system has its good and bad sides. The selection of the water filtration system is the most important thing. Choose carefully which filtration system ultrafiltration vs reverse osmosis is suitable for your family. Clean and safe water is necessary for healthy living. The ultrafiltration system is the best option if you want water with minerals. Nevertheless, the reverse osmosis water is good if you want water free from particles.