Berkey vs Alexapure

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Berkey Vs Alexapure

There are many best available choices of selecting water filtration systems in the market. These varieties of choices make the buying task of the best filtration system more difficult. They utilize stainless steel material in the construction of the Berkey and Alexapure. Both are the best stainless steel countertop, and also both have a similar outside look. Therefore, the decision between the two Berkey vs Alexapure filtration is a difficult challenge.

Why Might AlexaPure Be better?

The Alexapure filtration system works as a gravity-led water system. It enables to targets more than 200 harmful contaminants. The harmful contaminants include heavy metals and chlorine. The working of Alexapure is similar to Berkey, but it has one filter that can produce more than 1000 gallons of filtered water. The stainless steel design makes the filtration system more durable and reliable. It is NSF/ANSI-certified water filtration. Alexapure offers 30 days warranty on unopened products and gives a warranty of one year on damaged products.

Why Might The Berkey Be Better?

This water filtration is better for all situations. It can use for indoor, outdoor, and also in any situation of emergency. It enables removing up to two hundred different contaminants that include heavy metals, chloramines, etc. The best thing about the Berkey is that it prevents bacteria’s growth and retains the beneficial minerals in the drinking water. Berkey systems have stainless steel design and perfect for six or more than six family members. The system needs 1 hour for the filtration of one Gallon of the water.

Berkey Vs Alexapure

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 Comparison chart

 Big BerkeyAlexapure Pro
FilterBlack Berkey elementsAlexapure gravity block filter
Capacity2.25 Gallons2.25 Gallons
Contaminants Removed203200
Filter lifespan6,000 Gallons5,000 Gallons
Warranty6 monthsCast by case

Filter comparison

Berkey Filters

The essential part is the Black Berkey elements that ensure the best quality of the filtration process. The force of gravity slowly filters the contaminant water. Six different types of media made the filter elements. The coconut shell carbon has millions of small pores.

The filters consist of two chambers. One chamber is known as the top chamber, and the other is known as the bottom chamber. The water puts on the top chamber and then moves towards the Black Berkey element, and then clean and filtered water moves towards the bottom chamber. When the water passes through the filtration elements, the filter media catch all the harmful contaminants. The filter never allows the passing of the contaminants.

Alexapure Filters

The filters of Alexapure are much similar to the filters of the Berkey. The outside design of the Alexapure filters is from stainless steel, like Berkey’s design. The Alexapure Pro uses the gravity method for the process of filtration. There is a dual chamber of the Alexapure filter.

The drinking water passes through the filters that filtered the contaminant water and eliminated all those harmful contaminants. The technology of gravity block ionic absorption enables the removal of all the harmful varieties of contaminants.

Berkey Vs Alexapure

Performance comparison


The performance of the Berkey ranks higher in the field of water filtration. The system is very effective and has a fast flow rate with a fast speed of filtration. It offers the fast filtration of water. The filters of black Berkey enable to filter more than 3.5 gallons of water in just one hour.

The water filters enable to remove all sort of harmful contaminants, and that’s why the system removes more than 200 different contaminants from water and provide you clean and filtered water. Indeed, it is a great benefit of using Berkey Filters. It has a great quality of the best performance. The tested and approved filtration elements of the Berkey provide the best quality filtered water. It is an additional point towards the choosing of the Berkey filters.

Berkey Vs Alexapure


Alexapure is the best water filter gravity. The filtration results are not immediately visible because the filtration process requires a specific time to produce filtered water with no harmful contaminants. The rate of filtered water is different in different circumstances. Gallon per hour uses for the measuring of filtered water. If the top chamber is full, it will take a little longer time to produce clean filtered water.

There is no major difference between Berkey and Alexapure because both have the same effectiveness of performance. The Alexapure has tested filters and always satisfies the customers with a great quality water filtration system. This filtration system may take time for complete filtration, but it is clean and pure when it provides filtered water.

Berkey Vs Alexapure

 Filtration quality

 Big BerkeyAlexapure Pro
Lead % Removed>99.9%>96.4%
Chlorine % Removed>99.9%>99.9%
Chromium % Removed>99.8%98.7%
Chloroform VI % Removed>99.9%>99.9%
Copper % Removed>99.9%>99.0%

Filter life and capacity

Berkey Filters

The life of the filters of the Berkey is more than four years. A pair of 2 Berkey’s filters cost 120 dollars. These two filters work together and enhance the lifespan of filter life. You have to pay this initial buying cost once in four years. Additionally, two more Berkey water filters can use in the system. The benefit of using four water filters is to extend the lifespan of filters. You can use the filtration system without any fear for eight years.

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Alexapure Filters

There is only one filter in the Alexapure Pro model. The cost of one filter is about 120 dollars, but the filter has a very long life. The lifespan of Alexapure’s filter is more than producing 5,000 gallons of filtered water. The cost of Berkey and Alexapure is the same, but their lifespans are different from each other. The Alexapure Pro lasts long for over three years. It will best filtration system to remove most of the harmful contaminants.

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Filter Replacement costs

 Big BerkeyAlexapure Pro
Price Per Gallon (6000 Gallons)6.2¢
Capacity (Gallons)2.252.25
Filter Max Lifespan6000 Gallons5000 Gallons
Replacement Filter Cost$120 (set of 2)$119.95 (set of 1)

Warranty and certification

Berkey is the filtration brand that always ensures to satisfying their customers. Their product is very reliable and durable. Berkey has a complete warranty of more than two years on their filters, and there is a warranty of 12 months on the system. This company properly has tested its system and also has certified media for the process of filtration.

On the other side, the warranty of Alexapure is only for 45 days. This company has a very less time warranty. But the filters and also the filtration media are certified. It has a limited warranty but with full of certification.

Customer reviews


The majority of the reviews of the Berkey are positive, and people praise the filtration system. There are more than 900 reviews on the replacement filtration elements of the Berkey. On Amazon, the replacement filtration elements got 4.7 stars. Most people claimed that they only buy Berkey’s filter because the filtration system is very efficient and reliable.

According to some people, if the water has a high percentage of chloramines, then the lifespan of the filtration elements may reduce. But the Berkey filter is more capable of removing the chloramines.


Total 400 people review Alexapure Pro on Amazon. The Alexapure pro got 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. People claimed that this filtration is much better than other companies of water filtration. It also helps to save your money on the purchasing of the bottled water for drinking.

The only problem with Alexapure is that the filtration system comes with only one filter, but it can hold more than four filters. Otherwise, the filter works outstandingly and removes all contaminants from the water.

Advantages and disadvantages

Berkey Advantages

  • Multiple design options
  • Long Filter Lifespan

Berkey Disadvantages

  • No NSF certification
  • Problems with a rubber taste

Alexapure Advantages

  • Relatively high filter capacity
  • Lower price rate

Alexapure Disadvantages

  • No selection
  • Could include more filter

Final verdict: Berkey vs Alexapure

Both stainless steel countertop filtration systems of Berkey and Alexapure are ideal to use. There are many best features in both water filtrations, and even both have the same look. The Berkey offers many ranges for selecting water filtration, but Alexapure is a great size for the household usage of 1-4 family members. The Alexapure is mostly perfect for most buyers. The Berkey has a long range of different models of water filtration.

The Berkey and the Alexapure are both famous for their best performance of the filtration. The decision of purchase depends on individual choice. If the water filtration takes it on camping trips, then the Travel Berkey is the most appropriate option. The Berkey and the Alexapure are both perfect options for everyday use in the house. You should select that water filtration that fulfills your demands and requirements.