Home Master Water Filter Review

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Home Master TMHP Water Filter System is the best model water filter that uses a reverse osmosis process for filtration. It is a HydroPerfection under the sink water filter. The best thing about this is that it filtered a large amount of contaminated water and waste only a little amount of water. This innovative design helps in the solving of water problems. It provides clean and pure water which is healthier and very safe to drink. The water is highly pure by using advanced filtration and purification stages and water also has great tasting with adding minerals in it.

Home Master TMHP Review

Composition of Home Master TMHP Water Filter:

The Home Master has a very innovative and unique design. Its design and construction are made from safe material. It meets the standards of the National Science Foundation and ensures that this water purifier is made safely by using safe materials and also shows its best performance of the water purification process. It comes with a limited warranty of five years.

Home Master TMHP ReviewHome Master TMHP ReviewHome Master TMHP ReviewHome Master TMHP Review

Design of Modular filter: home master water filter review

The Home Master water filter system is a modular filter design. Those water filter systems in which the only filter is changeable and filter housings are not changed in them are causing leakage problem with the time and this problem lead to serious water damage. But this water filter has a modular ‘all-in-one’ design. The filter housing and even the entire filter is disposable in this water filter system. It makes the annual change of filter more easily. It reduces microorganisms and also helps in the elimination of leaks. This water purifier lasts longer than other traditional RO systems and the best benefit of using this water filter system is that it only requires a filter change only one time in a year.

Using of Ultraviolet light:

This water filter system used a filter of ultraviolet light that has great advantages in fighting against microorganisms. Viruses are effectively eliminated by UV light than chlorine. When water is entered into the chamber of UV sterilization, the intense light wave of 254 um is bombarded that eliminates microorganisms. This method of sterilization is highly approved and recognized by EPA as the most effective sterilization method. This process of sterilization safely eliminates up to 60 different types of microorganisms.

Clean water with great-tasting: home master water filter review

The contaminated water passes through many stages in the complete cleaning of water. It uses nine different best stages that include the process of filtration, purification, sterilization, and enhancement. When water is passed through all these stages, the contaminated water becomes full of pure and clean with great tasting.

The sediment, iron, and catalytic carbon are used to purify water by the removal of more than 98% of iron, chlorine, chemicals, metals, and other harmful contaminants, etc. It used advanced redox media as a catalyst in its superior iron pre-filter that is perfect to eliminate dissolved iron from the contaminated water. Moreover, this media of pre-filter has the most powerful catalytic carbon for the process of filtration that removes any kind of harmful chemicals like chlorine, pesticides, etc.

This water purifier has a chamber of ultraviolet sterilization that is great for destroying germs, viruses, and bacteria, etc more than 99.99%. This will cause pure and great-tasting water.

Flow rate of water filter:

The flow rate of this water filter is very faster. It comes with perfect technologies of water and has a fast flow of the reverse osmosis process. The technology utilized in it is used larger fittings, tubing, and other components of high-flow. When we compared this model of water filter to traditional reverse osmosis systems, it clearly seems that the flow rate of water is doubled by this Home Master water filter system.  

Best water efficiency:

For the best water efficiency, this water filter used perfect water technologies that have a non-electric permeate pump and this pump helps in the improvement of the system more efficiently. This water filter system is best to reduce wastage of water by more than 80% and also increase the production of water by more than 50%. The best clean water is provided by eliminating all the harmful contaminants.

How to change its filter? home master water filter review

The water filter system is the best design made that has the capability to easily change its filter. It does not require any heavy tools and heavy force to change its filter. It made the annual change of filter easier and requires only one-time change in a year. This purifier has a modular design with push-in fittings. These push-in fittings are for quick and painless change of filter and also no wrenches are required to do it.

Perfect choice to select this water filter system:

When you select the water purifier among many models, it is the most difficult task. Only choose that water purifier that has the capacity to not only remove the contaminants or destroy microorganisms but also add minerals to water and that water is pure and full of great-tasting. This Home Master water filter has this best feature in it. It is the most reliable and very easy to use design. The faster flow rate is provided and also reduces water waste. This water purifier comes with the best solutions with no problems and all its features and qualities made it a perfect choice to buy this water filter system.

Downside: Home Master TMHP Review

The installation of this water filter is not very simplest. It is tricky to install it. More instructions should be added to the installation book that comes with the product. Otherwise, there is no major fault in this water filter system.


  • Home Master TMHP Water Filter System has the best innovative design that solves all the problems of water.
  • The water is highly pure by using stages of advanced filtration and purification that eliminates more than 98% of iron, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants.
  • It used full contact technology that adds calcium and magnesium minerals in the process of purification. Its advanced long-lasting filters require being change after one year.
  • The dimensions of the purification unit are 16 Inch H x 8 Inch W x 5 Inch D and the dimensions of the reverse tank are about 15 Inch H x 11 Inch D.
  • It has an iron prefilter that protects the RO membrane and the UV filter eliminates microorganisms. The permeate pump is to maximize the pressure of water.
  • This water filter is ling lasting with has a feature of easy-to-change filters and no wrenches or heavy tools are required for the changing of its filter.

[i2pc pros_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-s-up” cons_icon=”icon icon-thumbs-s-down” show_title=”false” title=”Pros & Cons” show_button=”false” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” ][i2pros]A better RO system
Highly pure water
Added Minerals for Great Taste
Long-lasting built
Easy-to-change filters[/i2pros][i2cons]Installation is tricky[/i2cons][/i2pc]

Home Master TMHP Water Filter System is the best water filter that produces clean and pure water with full of great taste. It is long-lasting built and always gives you the best clean and purified water. Minerals are added in water that increases the taste of water.