Aquarain vs Berkey

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Aquarain Vs Berkey

The two competitor companies of the water filtration systems are aquarain vs Berkey. In comparison to many other systems, these two systems are the top best. Both of these filtration systems are great in their features and performance. The high-quality material in the manufacturing of aquarain and Berkey is the same, i.e., stainless steel. The stainless steel ensures the durability of the systems.

The water filtration system is the most demanding need of this time. Conversely to the similar construction of aquarain and Berkey, there are also differences. These differences do not alter the performance of the filter. However, choosing between these two systems is a little tricky. We hope that this article will help you to purchase the water filtration system you want.

Aquarain Vs Berkey

Why Might AquaRain Be better?

AquaRain is a filtration brand that gives tough competition to the Berkey. As we know, Berkey is a great filtration system. The AquaRain is also excellent, and most people like it. It is a sort of countertop unit that provides filtered water full of convenience. The resulting filter is full of clean and safe for drinking.

This system contains ceramic core filters. These ceramic core filters use the gravity method instead of adding chemicals. There are numerous models of the AquaRain filters. Each filter is different from the other and also different in size. Such filters can easily hold more than 3 gallons of water.

Similar to Berkey, the construction of Aquarain also includes stainless steel material. This stainless steel design enhances the durability of the filter. Furthermore, it is excellent to increase the good looking of the filter. The features and the benefits of this filter system make it ideal to use.

Aquarain Vs Berkey

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Why Might Berkey Be better?

Numerous reasons show that no doubt Berkey is an excellent option for filtration. The versatile filtration system is the most suitable to use in any situation. You can use this system indoors and outdoor. This filtration system is an excellent choice to use in an emergency condition. With this filtration process, you can able to drink clean and filtered water.

The Berkey filtration enables the elimination of more than 200 hundred kinds of contaminants. There are various harmful contaminants in the water, including heavy metals, etc.

On the positive side, the unique points about the Berkey make it best to use. It has resistance against the bacteria’s growth. Moreover, all beneficial minerals will remain in the water.

As a result of the filtration process, you will able to drink clean and filtered water. This filtered water is full of healthy for the body as it contains all the beneficial minerals. The design of the Berkey systems is stainless steel. The preferable size of family for this system is more than six family members. Further, the system consumes very little time for the filtration of water.

Aquarain Vs Berkey

  Comparison Chart: Aquarain Vs Berkey

Filtration capacity3 Gallons2.25 Gallons
Filtration TypeGravity Fed –  Ceramic ShellGravity Fed – Back Berkey
Treatment speed 1 Gallon per hour3.5 Gallons per hour (2 sets)7 Gallons per hour (4 sets)
Number of stages11
Requirement of electricity NoNo
Material Stainless steelStainless steel
Filter lifespan Less than 1,000 gallons6,000 gallons (2 sets)12,000 gallons (4 sets)
Warranty3 years12 Months 

Filter comparison

AquaRain Filters

The AquaRain filters utilize the method of gravity for proper filtration. This purification method ensures the removal of all sorts of harmful contaminants. This method uses a patented ceramic filter.

This system consists of two stacked tanks. The top tank is for purification. On the other hand, the lower tank is for the collection of purified water. The AquaRain provides conveniently clean water. You will get effortlessly clean water. You have to simply fill the top side of the tank with the contaminated water. After that, the gravity method pulls down the water.

For this purpose, the filters pass water downward. So then, the water starts to collect in the lower tank. The lower tank is the collection tank of filtered water. There is a spigot on the bottom tank. This spigot is for easy dispensing.

Aquarain Vs Berkey

Berkey Filters

The Berkey filters consist of Black Berkey elements. These black Berkey elements are the essential components for the filtration process. Similar to the AquaRain filter, it also uses the gravity method for filtration. The gravity force gradually filters the water.

The filter element contains different sorts of media. There are six unique media kinds in the filter elements. One of the media kinds includes coconut shell carbon. This shell carbon contains millions of small pores. The purpose of these millions of tiny pores is for the elimination of all types of contaminants also.

There are two chambers of the Berkey filters. The design of the Berkey filtration system is the same as the AquaRain system. The unfiltered water from the top chamber passes through the filtration process. After departing from the Berkey elements, the clean water reaches the bottom chamber. The filter media catch out all harmful contaminants & ensure to produce clean water. The Berkey elements never allow any pollutants to reach the bottom chamber.

Aquarain Vs Berkey

Performance comparison: Aquarain Vs Berkey

AquaRain Filters

The AquaRain Filters are excellent to provide safe water for drinking & cooking. It can remove all different kinds of unwanted elements. With the superior quality of water, this filtered water is also best in its tasting. The ceramic filters are rapid in their actions. These filters contain activated carbon. The purpose behind them is to absorb all the pesticides from the water. Therefore, it can also absorb MTBE.

The AquaRain enables o to remove chlorine compounds from the water. Thereby, the output of filtered water is free from any sort of odor and bad taste. This filter is impressive in its performance. It uses the natural filtration method. The filtration system quickly eliminates dangerous organisms and harmful contaminants. Subsequently, it ensures to retain the healthy minerals within it. The electrolytes will not change the beneficial minerals during the process of filtration.

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Berkey Filters

When we see the performance of the Berkey filters, it is a great system. This system shows its outstanding performance that no other filtration system shows. Coupled with the high-quality water, the flow rate of water is also fast. The process of filtration is quick, so you do not have to wait for a longer time. If you want a fast filtration system, then choose this one.

Within one hour, it provides more than 3.5 gallons of filtered water. The water filter can easily remove all kinds of harmful contaminants. It eliminates more than 200 different impurities that are harmful to drinking. It is the reason that it provides the great benefit of using it. The high-quality performance offers a convenient way of getting filtered water.

The tested filtration elements ensure the excellent quality of the filtered water. It is the best point if you want to choose this system.

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Filtration quality: Aquarain Vs Berkey

AquaRain Filters

The AquaRain filters remove the viruses from the water. The rate of the removal of the viruses is 99.99%. It eliminates all volatile organic compounds such as chlorine, chloroform, etc.

The filtration system also removes trihalomethanes. The AquaRain filters are also great for removing radiological and other heavy metals. The heavy metals include aluminum, cadmium, lead, and mercury, etc.

Berkey Filters:

As we told you, the Berkey filters can remove more than 200 different types of contaminants. It can remove all sorts of heavy metals that include lead, chromium, copper, etc. besides. It can eliminate chlorine and chloroform from the water. The percentage of removing all such contaminants is more than 99.99%.

Filter life and capacity

AquaRain Filters

The AquaRain filters have long-lasting life of the filters. The filters can produce more than 10,000 gallons of filtered water. After every production of 10,000 gallons, the system needs to replace the filters. This amount of filtered water is significant for the larger family sizes.

The life span for this filter is up to ten years. The most beneficial benefit of this filter system is that you can easily clean it. The filter cleaning increases the lifespan—usually, the bacterial build-up in the system slows the filtered water flow rate. Wherefore, the cleaning process eliminates all such bacteria.

Berkey Filters

The lifespan of Berkey’s filter is above four years. The cost for the two Berkey filters is 120 dollars. When the two filters work together, it will increase the lifespan of the filters. There is no significant difference in the price of AquaRain and Berkey. But the Berkey system allows you to use four filters at a time. The use of four filters enhances the life of filters as well as the system.

  Filter Replacement costs

Capacity (Gallons)10,000 Gallons of filtered water6,000 Gallons of filtered water
Filter Max Lifespan 10 Years4 Years
Replacement Filter Cost $89 (set of 2)$120 (set of 2)

Warranty and certification

AquaRain Filters

The AquaRain filters come with a warranty of 3 years. Also, the warranty of the stainless steel vessel is up to 5 years. This time for the warranty is enough for the satisfaction of the customers. Most of us prefer the filtration system with a good time warranty. This filtration system ensures to satisfy the customers with their performance and warranty.

Berkey Filters

In contrast to AquaRain filters, the Berkey comes with a warranty of 12 months on the system. This warranty time is comparatively lower than AquaRain. But it is excellent against those filter systems that come with no warranty. On the opposite side, Berkey provides a warranty of 2 years on their filters. The tested system and the certified media in the filtration enhance the worth of this system.

Customer Reviews

The customer reviews are the main factor in the decision of the filtration system. Every person has a different point of view about the experience of using systems.

AquaRain Filters

The AquaRain filtration system and all their filters got many positive reviews. This filtration company has highly rated on Amazon and the internet. Most of the people give this system 5-star. According to them, it provides not only filtered water but also water is great-tasting. Overall, there are no nasty comments on this filtration system.

Berkey Filters

Many people consider that Berkey is no doubt a great water filtration system. They give positive feedback on the system. More than 900 people rate this filtration system on Amazon. This high-rated product got 4.7 stars out of 5 stars. People purchase this system due to its efficient and reliable usage.

People also claim that the high percentage of chloramines reduces the lifespan. But this filtration system is more effective against chlorine and chloramines.

Advantages and disadvantages

AquaRain Advantages

  • Stainless steel Construction
  • Ceramic filter shells
  • Excellent lifespan
  • Removes bacteria & cysts
  • Warranty of 3 years
  • Sits conveniently on countertops

AquaRain Disadvantages

  • Not suitable for transportation due to heavyweight
  • Slow filtration rate

Berkey Advantages

  • Stainless steel Construction
  • Long lifespan
  • Extra fluoride filters
  • Excellent treatment rates
  • Chambers can nest for easy transport

Berkey Disadvantages

  • Fluoride filter is not very efficient
  • Issue of rubber taste
Aquarain Vs BerkeyAquarain Vs Berkey

Final Verdict: Aquarain vs Berkey

In Conclusion, both aquarain and Berkey are excellent in their performance. The choice between these two systems depends on the individual’s choice. The AquaRain has an extended warranty, and also it has a large filter capacity. If you have large family members, then you should choose this system. In this case, it will ensure that you will never run out of filtered water.

Aquarain vs Berkey. The Berkey filters are great for removing all kinds of different contaminants. If your tap water is with a large number of harmful pollutants, then choose this system. The lifespan of the Berkey filters is a little low than the Aquarain. But the certified media ensures the more elimination of harmful contaminants and chemicals. Lastly, both systems have the same gravity method for filtration.