Berkey Vs Zero Water

1. Berkey Vs Zero Water: Which system is the best?

If you want to buy a great water filtration system for your household, then both Berkey and zerowater filters are great options. The Berkey is a countertop filtration system for the purification of water and attract the consumers to buy it. This is the most popular filtration system that offers filtered water for many decades. But it also not means that it is the only top best water filtration system.

The zero water filter is also the best model of water filtration. The gravity procedure of filtration is utilized by this water filter pitcher and works the same like as Berkey Water Filter. Indeed, the method of filtration is the same in both these filter systems but they are totally different from each other.

Here we will present you with a guide of Berkey Vs Zero water filters. The unique features of both systems make them the best to purchase and use in your house.

2. Berkey Water filter options

The filter options of Berkey are very vast. There are many different varieties of sizes of filter systems that are suitable for one person to eight people. The common thing in all Berkey filters is that the high-quality stainless steel material is used in their manufacturing process. When we see the initial cost of the Berkey, it might be seen as an expensive model. Over time, that purchasing cost seems to be affordable because each Berkey’s filter has the capacity to produce more than 3000 gallons of filtered water. The pair of filters run longer and produces 6000 gallons of filtered water.

 Big BerkeyZero Water
FilterBlack Berkey elementsFive stages
Capacity2.25 Gallons10 cups
Contaminants Removed20323
Filter Lifespan6000 Gallons3-5 months
Warranty6 months90 days
Weight7 lbs9.2 lbs
Cost278 Dollars74.99 Dollars

3. Zero water filter options

The Zero water filters come with a dispenser of 40 cups. The dispenser is made from glass and BPA free plastic material is utilized in its construction process. The initial cost of the filter is inexpensive but over time it realized that the filter has a short life span and the price per gallon seems very expensive. By using one filter, the 40 cups of pitcher can produce more than 40 gallons of filtered water. If you want 6000 gallons of filtered water then the zero water filter will change at least 150 times. The cost to purchase the filter again and again makes the use of the water filtration system expensive one.

Berkey Vs Zero Water

4. Filter comparison:

   Berkey Filters

The filtration system of Berkey uses more than 4 Black Berkey elements. The two elements come with the system and the other two purchases separately. The black Berkey elements are used for the purification or filtration of contaminated water. Berkey filtration contains the method of gravity water filter. The filter elements depend on the gravity’s power. The system does not use electricity connectivity for the completion process of filtration.

There are six types of media in each element of Berkey. Further, media of coconut shell carbon is used that is used in the procedure of adsorption. This media traps all harmful contaminants from the water and does not allow those contaminants to pass through the filtered water.

The two chambers of the Berkey water filters perform their functioning outstandingly. The contaminated or unfiltered water fills in the top chamber of the system. The filtration takes little time. Then gradually the water passes into the lower chamber. The water in the lower chamber is filtered and safe to drink. Moreover, the stainless steel construction makes the Berkey system to most durable and also has resistance to any kind of rust or damage to the surface.

Zero Water Filters

When we look at the filtration process of the Berkey water filter and Zero water filter, it comes to know that both systems have some similarities in them. These models of filters are also gravity water filters the same as Berkey water filters. The Zero water filter send contaminated water to five stages for the process of filtration. The filter enables to eliminate more than 99% of harmful contaminants.

A coarse filter screen, a foam distributer, non-woven membrane etc is included in the different stages of filtration of this water filter system. This system delivers the results of the most effective process of filtration and provides cleaner water.

The construction of a zero water filter is a compact and simplified filtration model as compared to the Berkey water filter. It is a pitcher filter system that contains a filter inside the unit. The filter is attached to the inner side of the pitcher’s lid. When the tap water with contaminants add to the pitcher, then the filtration process takes time and produces clean and pure water.

5. Contaminants removed by Berkey vs zero water

Both the system of Berkey filter and Zero water are best known for their effective capabilities of removal of different harmful contaminants. The heavy metals, chlorine, and other harmful contaminants can be easily eliminated by both filtration systems. The Berkey water filters are claimed to eliminate more harmful contaminants as well as harmful chemicals. But the Zero water is NSF certified and this certification is a positive plus point of this water filtration system.

6. Filter lifespan and replacement costs

Berkey Filters

The best selling point of Berkey’s filter is that they have long filter life. The two Berkey elements have a filter lifespan of producing more than 6000 gallons of filtered water which is the most suitable water filter for the four-member of a family. The filter will surely last for four years and after four years the filter needs to be replaced. If two more Berkey elements are installed in the system, the lifespan of the filter becomes double. The lifespan of the filter justifies the initial cost of the purchase. The Berkey filters come around 120 dollars. The cost of the four filters comes around 240 dollars.

Zero Water Filters

The pair of 3 Zero water filters costs 30 dollars and the lifespan of the filter is only between 3 and 5 months. If the filter is continuously used, then the cost of purchasing the filter becomes 180 dollars in 2.5 years. This cost is also not immoral for the best water filter. The five filtration stages of this water filter system are best to use for household usage.

7. Water testing and reports

Berkey water filters give the clean and safe filtered water for drinking. These filters are independently tested. They meet the basic standard filtration and purification that ensures to remove 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Zero water gives a TDS detector so you can do the filtration test of drinking water before and after the process of filtration. TDS detector buys online also. This system of water filtration is NSF certified and ensures to produce the best quality of the filtered water.

8. Warranty by Berkey Vs Zero water

Both Berkey and Zero water come with a warranty. The warranty of 100% guaranteed lifetime is provided by the Berkey water filters. The warranty is on the complete parts of the filtration system. But the guarantee never replaces the parts of the water filter that are damaged by the user. The black Berkey filter has a warranty of 2 years prorated. The zero water only provides a warranty of 3 months.

9. Berkey Vs Zero water- Advantages and disadvantages

Berkey: what we like:

  • Long-lasting filtration
  • Bigger unit

Berkey: What we don’t like

  • No NSF certification

Zero water: what we like

  • NSF certified
  • Easy to store and carry

Zero water: what we don’t like

  • Filters need replacing regularly
  • Costlier long-term

10. Should I buy Berkey or zero water?

The Berkey and zero water filters are the best but now the question arises which filter system should purchase. The answer is that the best buying of the water filtration system depends on what kind of filter you want. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages. Zero water is a good option for those who want an affordable filter system. The Berkey water filter is expensive but they need very low maintenance and shows its most effective performance.


Q: Why are Berkey water filters banned in Iowa?

Berkey says that the Berkey products are not delivered in Lowa because the state has high licensing fees. The Berkey is not approved for sale in Lowa.

Q: Is drinking zero water bad?

Zero water is safe for drinking. The water is free from dangerous substances and harmful chemicals. The five stages of filtration ensure the production of high quality of the filtered water.

Q: Is zero water really better than Brita?

Zero water and Brita both producing a good flavor of water and even any kind of odor is reduced from the water. The Brita filter may leave some minimal odd taste. The zero water is free from contaminants and odd taste.

Q: Why is Berkey not NSF?

The Berkey filters ensure that the maximum amount of harmful contaminants but not NSF certified. They are independently tested and ensure to produce the best-filtered water.

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