Why do you have to flush a new water filter

Clover Dane

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Why do you have to flush a new water filter


Everyone knows about the flushing of the toilet. Likewise, the flushing of new filters is also essential. Even, many people have not aware of it. But, here, we will describe why do you have to flush a new water filter. Simply, after every installment of new filters, there is a requirement to flush them.

In particular, the water runs from the new filters many times during this process. You will do it before the consumption of filtered output. Luckily, it is simpler without the need for any tool.

Why there is a requirement to flush the filter?

Most of the filters have the media of activated carbons. These carbons are in the shape of blocks. The benefit of such filters is that they can easily fit into most systems. When you install it, the water moves from it and completes the filtration process. The carbon eradicates all contaminants and provides clean results with the best taste.

Sometimes, after the ending stage of the manufacturing, the carbon particle may not remain tight. It results in the not providing of clear water. Moreover, it is in a gray shade that should not be intake. People prefer to avoid such drinking. And, they think they waste their money buying a defective filter. But, they are wrong. It is easier to solve it with just a flush of a filter. When you do it after installing, you will get only positive filtered results.

Factors that show the need for flushing of filters

The first factor that you must keep in your brain is that every new filter needs flushing. When you will see the filter is not giving a clean outcome, you have to replace it. And, when you install the new one, you have to flush and make sure the good quality of filtration. Otherwise, you may face bad taste or smell. When you fill a glass for drinking and you notice no clear water, it means there is a demand for flushing. Some quantity of water may waste in this process but it is necessary for the proper working of the system. So, there will be no compromise on your health.

The process of flushing a new filter  

All filters are with different processes of installation. But, after installation, the flushing process is similar for all of them. Generally, many filtration systems come with guidance. They require the running of 3-5 gallons of water continuously. You should never consume such a quantity for drinking or other purposes. In this way, all the carbon particles will remove out and the results of filtration become too clear.  

Final verdict

No matter the type of filtration system and the filters, flush is a compulsory process. Every time, you install a new filter, the system needs to flush. The purpose of flushing is to remove all carbon particles that enter the filtration. It happens because of the loose of block media. But, when you flush, you will always get good filtered water. The flushing ensures the providing of only a clean filtered outcome with no worst taste & smell.