What happens if you drink water after changing the filter?

Clover Dane

What happens if you drink water after changing the filter?


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The replacement of the filters after their lifespan is essential. All users changed them to ensure filtration quality. But after changing, some people immediately use the filter’s water for drinking. But, no one knows about its drawbacks. You will face some not good experiences. We will tell you complete detail about what happens if you drink water after changing the filter?

Cloudy water

The first problem that you face is the intake of cloudy water after changing the filters. The activated carbons are an important part of the systems. There is a presence of an inner chamber that contains carbon blocks. The water passes from such blocks and then comes outside from the other side of the system. As a result, the filtration outcome is fully clean.

But, a few times, these blocks become loose during the delivery of the system. Therefore, there are visible black bits that make the cloudy results. It looks dirty and not suitable for drinking. They have no major effect on health but many people do not like them.

If air enters the system, the outcomes will also become cloudy. When you immediately drink after replacing your filter, you will see such output. It is not very toxic but it is not too clean for drinking.  

Worst taste

 Another bad factor is the presence of the worst taste. As we above told about the importance of carbon blocks in the filtration process. When you change the filter, you have no idea about the proper working of activated carbon. At the time of loss of carbon particles, they may add to your water and change its taste. Its taste becomes worst and no one can like it. The purpose of filtration systems is to get filtered outcomes free of any bad taste. Therefore, you have to wait after replacing the filter. Otherwise, you will never drink such bad taste liquid.

Weird smell

Just likewise the bad taste, the water’s smell is weird. This smell is due to the presence of particles of carbon. Carbon has strong power to remove all contaminants. But, when they add after the filtration process, they give a bad smell. Such smell is powerful that no one wants to drink it. Water is essential for living. So, we all want to drink safely. After replacing the filters, instant drinking may result in the experiencing of worst taste & smell.   

Final verdict

In particular, it is not good to intake the water after changing the filters. It may not cause serious issues but it is also not great for the body’s health. You may face the drawback of drinking such filtration outcome. Health should our priority. So, accurately using systems is crucial. When you replace any filter, the instant utilizing of water is with weird taste & smell. It is not a major problem. You can easily resolve it by just flushing the filter. It takes less time but is safe for your health.