Do you need to run water filters for a while before drinking the water? How long?


No doubt, filters are a great option for the daily use of drinking. They provide the best results of clean & filtered water. They give no bad effect on human health. But, proper use with precautions is also necessary. Many people do not know about this question. Do you need to run water filters for a while before drinking the water? How long? Its answer is yes. You have to run your filter for at least one second before filling your glass to drink.


There are a few reasons that urge is to do this method before drinking. It gives surety of utilizing safe filtration results. You will remain healthy and never face any major illness. Besides, your children will grow much better. Following are the major reasons:

Any insect can enter the tap

Sometimes, the insect-like parasites enter the tap water. They are present on the tap’s surface. When you fill the glass immediately after opening the tap, the parasites will also come outside with water. In this scenario, when the filter runs for 1-second, no chance of entry of parasites. The reason is that they will eradicate with a little wastage. Therefore, you will keep yourself safe from such insects that are bad for a healthy life.

Dust enters from air

In the air, there is the presence of dust everywhere. We may not see dust clearly, but it is present in the air. Such dust enters the tap through the use of air. When you instantly drink after opening the tap, the dust will also enter your body during drinking. It is not good because we all know that clean air & water is essential for everyone. It causes many problems of infections and makes you ill. You can avoid such conditions when you run the filter for one second and then use it.

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Dust particles inside the filter

Many times, the dust particles make their way to enter the filter. These particles remain in the tap’s tube. At the start of working on the filter, it is good not to utilize the filtration outcome. The reason is that such an outcome is with all those dust particles. The particles become the cause of many diseases. You should save yourself and your family, especially your children from this situation.

Final verdict

We all have different perspectives. Some people think that it is a way of water wastage. So, we should not run the filter for one second and instantly use it for drinking. But, it is not the correct way. Although there is little wastage, it is compulsory for a healthy life. Nothing is more important than the importance of human health. If we live a healthier life, we happily enjoy it.

The running of filters for a minimum of one second will remove all dust particles & parasites. As a result, you will drink clean water. You will need to do it before every drinking purpose. Thus, there are more efficient results of filtration. Such filtration outcome is full of high quality.