Mavea water filter vs Brita

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Mavea water filter vs. Brita

The pitchers are the most efficient way of getting clean filtration output. They are easier to move anytime and anywhere due to their compact sizes. We will tell you the best pitchers with their comparison of the Mavea water filter vs Brita. You will see their worthy results after one time of their using.

Mavea is with 9 cups capacity. The company offers you its great models that come in different vibrant shades. All of them are great for the environment. They will never cause any damage to the nature of living organisms.

Brita is a widely available option all over the world. If you wish to use it, you can easily buy it anywhere. Many of the customers love to use its Everyday Pitcher daily. They all are happy after using it.

Design and size

The Brita pitcher has a unique oval shape. This small size has enough filtration capacity. This model is in white & clear and of 10-cups. It has all BPA-free plastic in the construction. You can speedily fill it when it is empty by removing its lid. It has the best design to replace the old filters easily. It can only do in just one attempt. In case you are wrongly replacing it, you will know it easily. Many of the pitchers are in a different colors. But, this brand’s pitcher is in white only.

The good-looking filters look best in the kitchens. The Mavea attracts you with its unique design. Its base attracts you because of its large size. The design and its functional quality are amazing. It has rubber feet that can never scratch your table. This sturdy table will remain in its place. There is no fear of its falling. Unlike some pitchers, the Mavea is in numerous colors. You can choose which you like. This size filtration system can easily fit in your refrigerator also.


The Brita pitcher has the best filtration media of ion exchange. With the presence of this media, it also has activated carbon in it. The purpose of activated carbon is to reduce organic pollutants. It also reduces the bad odor and taste. On the opposite side, the ion-exchange media is with a larger area. It decreases the heavy metals in your drinking water. When you get 64 cups of filtration output, you should change its filter. The filtration rate is too quickly. You will instantly take water in just thirty seconds.

The main advantage in the performance of the Mavea filter is that there is no need for pre-soaking of filters. Some models need to soak the filters for their activation. But, this pitcher does not need it. In addition, they are with the silver treatment that exhibits the bacteria’s growth. It has the best certifications that ensure the removal of pollutants. You can easily fill the pitcher quickly. Its handle also uses high-quality rubber in manufacturing. So, the holding and operating process become easier and smooth. There is no chance of its falling due to rubber feet.

Table comparison

 Mavea water filterBrita water filter
Water quantity9 cups10 cups
Filtration capacity40 gallons40 gallons
LifespanTwo monthsTwo months
ColorFive different colorsOnly one


There is no use of any BPA material in the manufacturing process. It means that it is safe. The filtration media is strong enough to block the way of all unpleasant particles. It also does not allow the entry of toxic contaminants. When chlorine stops entering after the filtration, the resulting water is without a bad taste.

This model’s unique design shows the hard-working work of the entire team. Although it looks attractive, it does not take a large space. Another best feature is the removable lid. This kind of lid is for effortlessly use. For the easier filling, open the lid and fill the pitcher.

Mavea has not only the best materials in the construction, but it is also an excellent design. Its main feature is its European look. That’s the way it looks amazing. No doubt, it enhances the beauty of your kitchen. You can also place it on the dining table for a small gathering in your home. It is not a bulky model, so it easily fits small spaces.

Its filters are with good life and provide the best flow rate. It can hold nine glasses simultaneously. The filter is recyclable, so they are no danger to the environment. The outstanding feature is the presence of a smart meter in this model. This meter will guide you when you have to replace its filter. Besides telling the lifespan, it also tells you about the condition of the water.

Filtering capacity

The maximum filtration capacity of both of these pitchers is more than 40 gallons. This capacity is enough for medium size families. Even if you have a large family, you can also use it. But, in this case, you will need more replacing of the filters.


The best filtration process in the Brita pitcher enables the removal of chlorine & mercury. With the removal of these substances, the taste of the water becomes better. It is free from bad smell & taste. On the other hand, the Mavea pitcher also removes chlorine and tastes good after the entire filtration process.

Contaminants Removal

Brita pitcher is great for reducing contaminants. It can remove certain metals, such as copper. Moreover, it decreases the number of chemicals & pesticides. The organic compounds make the bad taste of water. So, this filter also removes it.

If your water has numerous general contaminants, a Mavea pitcher is a great option. It enables to filtering of chlorine and metals. It is efficient in its working and gives you the best-filtered results. Further, it is suitable for all household needs, including drinking.

Filter Replacement

Both of these pitchers need to replace their filters. The duration is the same for both of them. They require the changing after every two months. When you get 40 gallons of filtration output, you must change the filters to ensure the quality of the systems. Another good idea is the checking the water’s quality before replacing it. You will use that old filter for some more days when the quality is in the drinkable range.

Water quantity

The water capacity of the Brita pitcher at one time is 10 cups. On the opposite side, the capacity of the Mavea pitcher is 9 cups. These models have the best capacities that fulfill all of your needs for filtration output.


Both pitchers are great and stylish. Their idea style attracts you to buy them and use them in your house daily. But, the Brita is only in one color while Mavea has different colors. With many options of colors, you can choose which looks more attractive in your kitchen.


The Mavea pitcher is not only amazing in design, but it can also come in a variety of unique colors. With the use of a lid, you can pour the filtered output easily. Unlike many models, this filter will guide you when you have to replace its filter. In this way, it will always work well.

The Brita pitcher is not too expensive. You can buy its filters anywhere. It removes a huge quantity of contaminants. The installation process is easy. Even the filtration rate is faster. This compact model is free from BPA. It means that it is safe for health. Its use is easier, and you will get instantly filtered output.


Mavea pitcher has the issue of leakage. When you too fill it, there is a chance of a leak at its handle. Make sure that you never fill it too much. Another downside is that the filter’s life is shorter. So, there is more requirement for changing the filter.

The Brita filter is with not have many significant disadvantages. But, there is an inconvenience that it has no filter indicator. It means you have to remember the time for changing the filter yourself. Besides, the spout will remain open. The lid will never cover it completely.


Can you use the Brita filter for Mavea?

The Brita filters are with the specification of easily fitting all models of Mavea. They have enough capacity to give you the best filtration output.

Can you change the battery on a Brita pitcher?

All the batteries on the pitchers are non-replaceable. The battery will amazingly work for five years. After the duration, you will need to change it.

Does Mavea filter lead?

Mavea filters can reduce heavy metals such as lead, mercury, etc. Moreover, it reduces chlorine as well and removes all bad smells.

Which is better, Brita or zero water?

Both are great to utilize. But, the Brita is more exceptional in removing heavy metals and chlorine. The zero water will only remove chlorine instead of metals.


In particular, both models of the pitchers are good for daily use. Further, they are easier the get filtered water. They have their pros and cons. You can choose the one which meets your requirements. One specialty of these pitchers is the high quality of filtered