How to clean katadyn water filter

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How To Clean Katadyn Water Filter?

A katadyn water filter is excellent to use filtered water for every need. Therefore, the cleaning of this filter is also compulsory. You should know how to clean a katadyn water filter. The maintenance of this filter is more straightforward. You can simply clean it and ensure the maintenance of the katadyn water filter.

Step 1

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First of all, open the filter. There are three filters inside katadyn that produce the filtered water. There, you will see the tap water. After that, take the filter outside. You can use a garden for easy cleaning without any mess. 

Add some tap water to the filter. Clean the filter with the use of your hand. You can also use a wipe cloth. Make sure the removal of dust & dirt that with the using of water and cloth. Then, remove tap water from the filter. Again add water and again clean the filter.

Step 2

It is vital that never use any soap or chemicals for the cleaning of the filter. Only use your hand or cloth. If you see any strain in the filter, then do not worry. It is a normal thing. The inside filters, such as activated carbon filters, have a long lifespan. There is no requirement to clean that filters. After a certain time, you have to change the filters.

How To Clean Katadyn Water Filter?

When the filter is too much dirty, then scrub the filter. But more scrubbing will lead to a shorter lifespan of the filter. Clearwater is suitable for cleaning instead of scrubbing.

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Step 3

If the filter is with a lot of sediments, then remove the sediments firstly. Then you can use either tap water or filtered water for the cleaning. After cleaning, you can also add more activated carbon to the filter. But this step should do carefully. So then, there is no fear of any damage to the katadyn water filter. Lastly, place the filter in its place and enjoy the use of clean & filtered water.