How to clean Nikken water filter

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How To Clean Nikken Water Filter?

The cleaning of the Nikken water filter is necessary to ensure its generating of filtered water. You can efficiently clean the filter by yourself. Now, we will describe the steps of how to clean the Nikken water filter.

Step 1:

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Take a bowl and empty the filter from the water. This water may reuse later. Open the filter cartridge to start cleaning it. The filter of the Nikken should replace after three months. This filter will not be able to work correctly for more than three months.

Wash the inside of the water filter tank with the use of water. You can utilize mild soap. Also, wash the cover of the tank.

Step 2:

Remove the mineral stones and rinse them thoroughly. Simply wash the mineral stones with tap water. Now, wash the inside of the water supply tank with the use of any mild soap.

Step 3:

After that, assemble the water supply tank with all of its components. Then, insert the mineral stones in it. Carefully install the stones on the sides of the tank. Never put the mineral stones in the center of the water supply tank. Now, place the cover of the filter tank above than water supply tank. Then, place the water filter tank above its cover.

How To Clean Nikken Water Filter?

Step 4:

Take any bowl and fill half with the water. Place the filter cartridge in that bowl. The water should not cover the top side of this filter cartridge. The water should be a little cold, and put the cartridge in the water for eight hours. Remove the upper part of the cartridge and clean with the soap.

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Step 5:

After the soaking of the filter cartridge for eight hours, now it’s time to assemble it. Then, press hard to seal the cartridge in the water filter tank. After the hard press, the purple band from the filter cartridge disappears. Remove the cap of the filter tank and add water to it. The first cycle of filtered water is not too suitable for drinking. But after one cycle, the water becomes safe for drinking.

Through the steps mentioned above, you can efficiently clean the Nikken water filter.