Aquaox Ultimate Whole House Filtration System

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Aquaox Ultimate Whole House Filtration System

Introduction of AquaOx filtration system

AquaOx provides the best products to filter water easily. Many experts and homeowners like its quality due to its excellent design and best performance. AquaOx ultimate whole house filtration system is one of the leading systems. It consists of seven stages to make the filtered water. You will like its high-quality performance. 

Efficient performance

This system has the most efficient performance with a 7-stage process. This filtration process enables to get rid of 99.9% of all toxins. All stages ensure to give the best results. It includes the stage of pre-sediment filter that removes large sediments such as rocks. 

Another stage involves the coconut shell carbon. This shell eliminates chlorine and all other chemicals from your water. The last stage is about the best pressure. You will never face the problem of low water pressure.

Amazing design

This filtration system is with a fantastic design. No doubt, it is a very remarkable choice for your house. But, one most important thing that you have to consider is its size. As compared to other systems, it is large in dimensions. Thus, it needs a generous area. Quality is its priority. Ohio & South Carolina worked together to manufacture it. It proves that you will get high-quality American products.

Aquaox Ultimate Whole House Filtration System


The features are the most important when we talk about any filtration product. Just like its unique design, it has prominent features that make it the best. The filter used in it is 60 microns. It means you will get more than 1.2 million gallons of decontaminating water. 

Moreover, another remarkable feature is self-cleaning. We all know that cleaning filters are also essential. But, when you will use it, you will be free from worry about its rinsing. It automatically cleans its entire parts so every layer will remain clean all time.

Now, one of the most amazing features is the Vortech plates. The sanitizing backwash is present with these plates. Therefore, there is a very minimum chance of corrosion issues. Further, these plates are of great design. The purpose of this design is to create a fast pathway. Due to this feature, the water reaches fast to the filter media. Consequently, the filtration process is also faster. At last, you will know how effective it is.

Worry-free filtration

All the above features make it a worry-free system. It is suitable for every household use. The AquaOx is the best in the take care of itself. The five years of its warranty make you relax to use it over a long period with no tension. This revolutionary system is the need of today’s living. The drinking of clean water with no effort is the best choice.

Easier installation and maintenance

Due to the complete installation instructions, the AquaOx is easier to install in your home. Many homeowners install it themselves. If you want to hire a plumber for the installation, choose a licensed plumber.

Most of the systems need much time for maintenance. But, this filtration system does not require any maintenance. There is no need to feel tension about the manual cleaning due to the pre-sediment filter. This filter needs only two seconds to flush after every month. The self-sanitation also reduces the demand for its improvements.

Why choose aquaox?

There are many reasons for choosing AquaOx. The filtered water is great to drink and use. It provides the best benefits. It is excellent for both drinking as well as using for household works.

  • Remove contaminants

The AquaOx can remove all sorts of contaminants that are harmful to the human body. The water that we drink is full of toxic chemicals and chlorine in our daily lives. They are disinfection byproducts (DBPs) that are dangerous for health. This filtration eliminates all such DBPs. The removal of harmful contaminants ensures clean quality.

  • Safe for drinking

Safe drinking water is necessary for living of healthy life. The municipal system uses chlorine to kill bacteria, viruses. But it is harmful to the respiratory system. It also reacts with many other minerals and then creates poisonous contaminants. This kind of water is not clean. As we above told, this system removes chlorine, so the drinking becomes safer. You should drink it. 

Otherwise, the water with chlorine causes the disease of cancer, also a weak immune system. The resulting filtered water from this filter is the best option to drink. It also increases the level of pH. Thus, it gives the best taste to your tea or coffee.

  • Improved indoor air quality

The running water in your house also releases chlorine and DBPs into the air. When you inhale such air, it can harm different organs of the body. It also causes the problem of asthma. It means that improved indoor air quality is vital for living.

The AquaOx filter eliminates 99.9% toxic contaminants. In this way, the quality of the indoor house’s air immediately improves. Then, your air is healthier for your health. Your life is more enjoyable with the full of healthy benefits.


The long lifespan of this model of the system shows its long-lasting performance. It has great protection against contaminants. If you have four family members, you can use it for up to ten years. In this time duration, the filtered water quality remains the best.

Price Considerations

As compared to numerous other models, it is a costly system. Many other brands sell filtration systems at low prices. But, their quality is not too high, and also they are with just a few months of the warranty. The warranty of AquaOx ensures that you will use it for a long time without any problem. 

In short, the warranty gives us the satisfactory feeling of using. This filter is great to use in a large house easily. There is no need to change it after using it for a few months. The low-cost models need to replace after a short time. In this way, this costly model works for a longer duration. You will efficiently use it in your house.