Aquasana vs Berkey

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Aquasana Vs Berkey

Comparison between Aquasana and Berkey

There are a lot of options of filters for the filtration of water. The Aquasana Vs Berkey are the two most famous filters for their great quality and great performance. This article will compare both filters and help you buy the right filter for your needs.

Royal Berkey Gravity Filter

The Berkey filter is popular among many houses and also in commercial usage. It is the easiest source to filter the water from the well or any city water. Beyond it, this filter system performs its functioning without any installation. It also not uses electricity.

This filter is an excellent option that has issues with the power supply in their living areas. In any disaster situation, there is the problem of the shortage of clean water. So, the Berkey gives pure and clean water in any tough condition.

Aquasana Vs Berkey

Another high-grade feature is that they have a long lifespan for the filters. Normally, the life of the filter is more than five years. They enable to easily produce more than 6,000 gallons of filtered water. 

 On the negative side, they are costly in initial buying, but they do not require changing the filter again and again. The filters of Berkey allow the removal of bacteria, and pesticides, etc.

Even they have the option of adding of extra filter for the removal of the fluoride etc. They can also treat raw water very well.



  • The initial cost is high
  • It takes up large space

Aquasana Clean Water Machine

Aquasana is a popular brand for the good filtration of water. They have the certification of NSF standards. The Aquasana and Berkey are not similar concerning their systems, but the purpose of filtration is the same for both systems.

Aquasana Vs Berkey

It is a dispenser that utilizes electricity for filtration instead of the gravity method. Due to this nature, it is quick in its action, and it has versatile usage. It does not mean that it needs the process of installation. It only requires the plug of this system into the outlet. Then it will quickly start its filtration.

This filter system can use as a dispenser or also keep it on a countertop. Further, it can use as a water pitcher, or also you keep it in the fridge.


  • Fast process of filtration
  • Carbon filters are very effective
  • Retains beneficial minerals in the water
  • Buying cost is within budget
  • Removes chlorine & chloramines


  • Not have a large capacity
  • Never works without electricity

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Compare what they are?

Aquasana and Berkey are the types of countertop filters. They enable the purification of any sort of water. So then, filter water is suitable for drinking. There is no requirement of any plumber to their installation process. Further, they have numerous patented technologies for purification.

Berkey water filters can filter a large amount of water. This filter is perfect for large families such as 4 to 16 members of the family.

Aquasana water filter has the technology of selecting filtration. Through this technology only removes harmful impurities and retains the healthy minerals in it. In this way, it will surely ensure the maximum purification of water.

Compare what do they do?

No doubt, the filters of Aquasana and Berkey remove the toxic and harmful chemicals and remove all sorts of impurities. The resulting filtered water is safe and pure for drinking.

Berkey filter is suitable for large size of families. It is great to store water for any emergency. Even you can do its assembly in just two minutes. The bigger unit of the Berkey is with the adaptable filter. It will provide safe drinking water at the end.

The reverse osmosis process of Aquasana particularly eradicates all kinds of harmful contaminants. But, the natural minerals reside within the water. At last, filtered water is healthy because of the healthy minerals in it.

Compare how do they work?


This filter works with micro-filtration technology. This system has a pore structure. Due to this structure, it will stop the way of harmful organisms and pass only water. The filtering medium has an outer surface that plays a prominent role in the trapping of the organisms. 

This filter system aims to purify the water that contains chemicals such as municipal water or raw water. The time of its assembly is shorter and shows its simple system. For the filtration, you have to fill the upper chamber of it. Ultimately, after a short time, you will get filtered water in the lower chamber.

Aquasana Vs Berkey


It contains three stages of filtration. These three stages efficiently remove the toxic contaminants. Furthermore, the pre-filter enables the eradication of particles of dirt and dust. It can easily remove the 5 microns size of the particles. The copper-zinc is especially for the removal of chlorine. In addition to this, it will also maintain the pH of water.

Aquasana Vs Berkey

Compare Technology


It has the technology of Gravity water filtration. It has purification elements and used gravity for filtration. This system involves filtration elements of micro-porous. Moreover, the process of filtration has a proprietary media. 

These media and filtration elements are both great for the filtration of water. Besides, the structure of micro-porous ensures the blockage of organisms. They trap organisms very well before going to the filter medium. This system has certification as a great system to produce the best quality filtered water.


It has the technology of Claryum’s selective filtration. The motive behind this technology is to keep the natural healthy minerals in the water. Natural minerals are beneficial for health. It retains many beneficial minerals, including calcium, magnesium, etc.

Compare Filters


The Berkey is one of the great commercial water filters. This filter has a long-lasting life. The standard of water purification has listed the removal of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful impurities. Accordingly, this filter enables to remove them all.

 Afterward, it has the technology of micro-filtration and cleanable filters. As a result of this feature, it will never demand to change the filter for many years. By the way, the long-lasting filters of Berkey can filter more than 4000 to 6000 gallons of water. Subsequently, the replacement filters are also easily available.

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As we told, the Aquasana has different purification stages, so the first stage includes the sediment filter. The second stage has the filter of activated carbon. Thereby, this stage enables the elimination of chemicals and chlorine from the water. 

However, it also reduces heavy metals. In comparison to Berkey, this system has a pre-filter of 20 microns. This pre-filter removes dust and sediments. Otherwise, dust and sediments are the reason for the clogging of the system. 

In short, the filter life capacity is more than 600 gallons. Particularly, this system instantly alerts you when there is a requirement to change the filter.

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Compare what impurities do they remove?


In particular, the Berkey filter reduces bacteria, heavy metals, and also toxin minerals. Similarly, the filter is great in its performance with removing viruses, chemicals, and many other things. Thus, the performance will remain consistent even after filtering a large quantity of the water. Finally, it can also treat that water very effectively, which has bad taste and odors.


As compared to Berkey, this system has certification of NSF. It stated that the system could remove more than 97% of the chlorine. The activated carbon of the filter is best to remove pharmaceuticals like herbicides and VOCs. This filter works together with the ion-exchange filter.

 Hence, the filter eliminates heavy metals. This filtration also has a sub-micron mechanical characteristic that removes asbestos. Conversely, to other filtration systems, the Aquasana eliminates 10x more contaminants. On the positive side, the healthy mineral will remain in the water.

Compare Capacity

In the first place of every filtration system, the capacity matters a lot. The total capacity of the Berkey filter is about producing filtered water of more than 2.25 gallons. On the other hand, the capacity of the Aquasana filter to provide clean and filtered water is more than 600 gallons.

Compare Safety


For the most part, the Berkey filter has the characteristic of self-sterilization. It ensures maximum safety. Also, it does not need any plug-up. It never allows water to move the lower chamber without filtering. It can purify any sort and source of water. 

This filter remains durable even in extremely tough conditions of the environment. Its certification of NSF standard shows the filter is safe to use.


In opposite to Berkey, this filter has an intelligent design. It ensures the removal of plastic waste. This filter is good to eliminate more than 99% of all kinds of harmful contaminants. Along with contaminants, it eradicates lead, mercury, and other chemicals. It has certification of NSF standards.

Compare how they are powered?

The Berkey utilizes the gravity method for filtration. Namely, it does not use power for filtration. The Aquasana does not provide information about it.

Do they remove fluoride?

The Aquasana water filter cannot remove the fluoride. The Berkey can only remove the fluoride when you use Berkey PF-2.

Do they produce alkaline water?


You can convert this filter to produce alkalized water with the addition of minerals. Many minerals are present in this filter, like Maifan stones, etc. The mineral adds to the bottom part of the unit. Through this, the pH of the water increases, and subsequently, the filter produces alkaline water.


Many of the filters of the Aquasana come with the cleaner of Alkaline. It will surely clean the water and also retain all essential minerals within the water. The pH of the water increases and turns to produce alkalized water. The filter will work long-lasting. This filter enables the production of 500 gallons of filtered water. After that, you will need to change its filter.

Compare Price

In general, the price of the Berkey filter is approximately $288.50. The cost of the Aquasana filter is about $143.57. In brief, the Berkey filters are costly than the Aquasana.

Compare Warranty

Both of these filter systems come with a warranty. The Aquasana has a limited warranty of 1-year. The Berkey provides a lifetime warranty on all filters.  


Are Barkey filters banned in California?

California allows only water filters with the certification about the filter water results and not having lead in it. Berkey filters have not a standard certification of NSF. It is the reason that California does not permit the selling of the Berkey filters there.

Are Berkey Filters enabled to remove fluoride?

Any filter of the Berkey cannot remove the fluoride from the water. But if the additional filter will add to the system for an extra cost, it will easily eradicate fluoride and arsenic.

Is Aquasana removed fluoride?

The clean water machine will not able to eradicate fluoride from the water. But the Rhino filters of the Aquasana can remove the fluoride.

Does the water machine of Aquasana produce soft water?

No, the clean water machine cannot produce soft water due to its filtration process. If you need soft water, then use Rhino filters of the whole house for the soft water.

Which is the best: Berkey Vs Aquasna?

Both filters are great in their performance. You should buy that filter according to your demands. The Berkey is portable and easy to carry anywhere. If you want to take the filter outside for camping etc., then it is the perfect option.

On the other side, if you need a filter system for daily usage and trusty, then the Aquasana is the most accurate choice. Both filter systems are best to remove harmful contaminants & chemicals that are present in the water.