Why is my water softener leaking

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Why Is My Water Softener Leaking

Why is my water softener leaking? Don’t worry. This post is the most suitable for you. You will know about what are the most common causes of the leaking in the water softener. In addition to it, you will also understand what to do to solve the problem.

You can quickly solve the initial leakage problem by yourself. But, if you think the problem cannot solve by yourself, and then call any professional. Never get panic about the leakage of the system. The leaking problem can quickly solve without damage to the system.

Water softener leaking

Before finding out the problem, first of all, disconnect the power supply of the system. Therefore, it ensures that the environment is safe for your working. On the other hand, if the leakage is severe, use the circuit breaker to disconnect the unit. Second, disconnect the water supply of the system.

There are numerous causes for the leakage of the water softener. All the issues are different and unique. Below are the main reasons that are present in most of the leaking water softeners.

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Water Softener Leaking From the Top

The commonly see leaking problem in the water softener is from the top of it. The rotor valve and the o-rings are present at the top.

#1: Rotor Valve

There are many common culprits when the water softener leak from the top. Such culprits include the rotor valve. The valve is the primary source of water for the system. This valve may crack when the system is significantly older or if the system faces some damage. As a result of the crack in the valve, it starts leaking.

Furthermore, the rotor valve has a seal. In some cases, there may no visible sign of cracking in the rotor valve. In such cases, the seals inside the valve may damage. Consequently, the water softener starts to leak. At last, you need to contact a professional. The professional will efficiently replace the water softener’s parts.

Why Is My Water Softener Leaking

#2: O-Rings in Bypass Valve

Another culprit for the top side leaking is due to O-Rings in the Bypass valve. In this scenario, the bypass valve may become defective. The maintenance of the system needs to keep the bypass valve always functional. It is a recommendation to contact a professional for the maintenance of the unit.

The lifespan of the water softener is very long. Usually, after 20 years, the system needs to change the O-rings. The maintenance of most parts of the water softener is DIY-friendly. You can easily do it. But, some factors need professional for their care, such as bypass valve o-ring.

Water Softener Leaking From the Bottom

The leaking at the bottom part of the system is also a common problem. The punctured brine tank causes the leaking in the bottom of the unit.

Common reason: Punctured Brine Tank

The most common leaking issue from the top is due to the problem of the brine tank. In the tank, you place salt. When you aggressively clean the salt bridge, it may cause a leaking bottom issue. The leaking problem is because of a punctured brine tank.

The easy resolution to get rid of the bottom leaking problem is to replace the tank. Many sorts of epoxy can only stop the leaking problem for a shorter time. Besides, it will also enhance the chance of damage to the complete unit. The replacement of the brine tank is necessary for smooth functioning all time.

Also, you may contact the company for this sort of leakage problem. This problem may cover under the warranty of the system.

Water Softener Leaking From the Drain Line

We have described the cause of the leaking by its puncture brine tank. Now, we will talk about some issues with the hoses & pipes. These are the top things that connect to the system.

There is a drain line on the top side of the water softener. When this drain line gets damaged, the system starts leaking from there. Such sort of leaking problem is challenging to diagnose. In this situation, you will need a repair expert on the water softener. The expert can quickly solve the issue and replace the wrong plumbing problem.

Water Softener Hose Leaking

The leaking of the hose of the water softener can easily see by yourself. The hose is on the upper side of the water softener. If the problem is in the hose, then you can see its connection and diagnose it.

The hose may leak due to the loose connection with the unit. If this is the issue, you can solve it by tightening its connection. The hose of the water softener will never long last. It becomes down in its performance with time.

If there is no problem tightening the hose’s connection to the unit, then the hose itself is an issue. This way of leaking the hose needs to repair or replace. You can contact a professional for the replacing or repairing of the hosing.

On the opposite side, this process of replacement of the hose is also simple. If you have experience of such kinds of hosing connection, then you can do it. But, one important thing is to always keep in mind. Before resolving the issue, disconnect the power and water supply of the system. Therefore, it ensures the safe working of the resolving leakage problem in the system.  

Call a Professional to fix the leakage problem of Water Softener

As we told you, there are many parts of the system that are DIY-friendly for maintenance. The leaking problem in the system requires a professional. There are many reasons why is my water softener leaking.

The system leaks at the top or bottom side, so the professional can fix the leaking problem. Moreover, the leaking problem from the connections also needs a professional. With this article, you can quickly diagnose the leaking problem in the system. So then, you can solve that issue by yourself or contact a professional.