How long do charcoal filters last

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How Long Do Charcoal Filters Last

How long do charcoal filters last in water filters?

The charcoal filters utilize in the water filters for the removal of contaminants. The contaminants are harmful and also in different kinds. It is also essential to know how long do charcoal filters last. It is vital to recognize it as it is helpful for the maintaining of the system. Overall, the charcoal filters show their long-lasting performance. They are more proficient in eliminating the contaminants. 

Most of the companies provide the life of charcoal filters through the number of gallons. The number of gallons decides the lifespan of the filter. On the other hand, many companies give the months of the total lifespan. Many other charcoal filters come with both the number of gallons and months of the filters.

According to some brands, they claim that the filter’s life depends on the water quality. No doubt, this is the most relevant factor in determining the filter’s lifespan. The level of contaminants and the usage of the water depend on the long-lasting performance.

Lifespan based on several months

In reality, all the charcoal filters have an expiry date. After that date, they become non-worthy because they cannot produce clean water. Every manufacture sells filters with the months of their lifespan. After that time, you have to change the filter for proper functioning.

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Lifespan based on several gallons

As we told you, the charcoal filter’s life depends on the number of gallons of filtered water. You have to know how much a filter produces filtered water before replacement. Every charcoal filter has a different lifespan depending upon the number of gallons.

The charcoal filter is excellent in its working for a specific time. After that time, the water filter system needs to replace.

How Long Do Charcoal Filters Last

Reducing the lifespan of charcoal filters

There is one crucial factor that reduces the long-lasting performance of it. This factor is the water’s quality. 

     Water Quality

The functionality of the filter is to remove a large number of contaminants from the water. When the water contains more level of pollutants, then the life of filter decrease.

However, the lifespan of the filter mainly depends on the condition of the water. If the water is with less contaminant, then the filter runs for a longer time. The filter system needs more changing of the filter when the water has many contaminants.

You have to know about the water quality, such as the water is soft or hard. What are the metals in the tap water? At last, it is what contains chlorine. After knowing these things, you will have an idea about the changing of the charcoal filter.

Increase the lifespan of the Charcoal filters

Some ways are great to increase the lifespan of the charcoal filters. You can quickly increase the lifespan by following the below methods.

1. Clean charcoal filter

Not all, but some charcoal filters can clean. By the way, it leads to an increasing in the lifespan. The purpose behind the cleaning is to remove the sediments from the charcoal filter. Next, the following are the few tips that help you to clean the filter without any damage quickly:

  • Wear gloves: The wearing of the gloves is necessary. The reason is that you are handling the chemicals and many other contaminants.
  • For cleaning, only use warm water instead of hot water. Otherwise, the hot water damages some part of the filter.
  • For the removal of scum, utilizes the paper towel. In this case, you can easily remove the scum from the inside, top, and bottom part of the plastic casings.

After following the above steps, run the water filter for a short time. It will ensure that the output water is safe from any loosened contaminants.

2. Change pre-filter and sediment filter regularly

The majority of the water filter systems contain the pre-filter and the sediment filter. The water firstly moves from the pre-filter & sediment filter. Both of these filters are usually cheaper than a charcoal filter. Therefore, replacing such filters is easier. Then, the water secondly passes from the charcoal filter.

You will more often replace the pre-filter and sediment filter. The lifespan of the charcoal filter increase. The contaminants will easily remove by the starting filters of the system. Thereby, fewer amounts of the contaminants reach the charcoal filter. As a result, the charcoal filter runs longer.

3. Zip-lock charcoal filters when you go away

The charcoal filters absorb the impurities from the water as well as from the air. Whenever you go outside for some time, but the drain charcoal filter in the zip-lock bag. Hence, the filter will stop soaking up of air’s impurities.

4. Don’t let them freeze

The charcoal filter in the camper or vacation may freeze when it is freezing. If the charcoal filter freeze, then it may damage the micro-cracks in the filter. As a result, the filter also allows unfiltered water to pass through it.

Avoiding this situation is more comfortable. First of all, drain the entire water from the system. You will do it when you are not using the filtered water for a while. On the other hand, if you continuously use the water, it ensures the pumping of water in the system.

How often should charcoal filters change?

The charcoal filters need to replace after their lifespan. When the filters reach the lifespan, then you have to change the filter. Thus, it will ensure the proper functioning of the water system. Every charcoal filter comes with a lifespan based on the months of use or number of gallons.

How long do charcoal filters last? This answer also depends on the condition of the water. If the water is with more chemicals & contaminants, then the filter needs more replacement. The changing of the filter is necessary to ensure the getting of clean water. The system becomes efficiently performs its function with the change of a charcoal filter. At last, you need to change the filter on time.