Water softener water tastes like salt

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Water Softener Water Tastes Like Salt

Water Softener Taste Salty

There may consider that the water softener water tastes like salt. But it is not true at all. However, many people also face such problem of the salty taste of water. There are many reasons behind this problem. Whenever more sodium adds to the system, the taste of the water becomes a little salty. It depends on how hard water is. Also, how much the system requires sodium for the treating of the hard water?

The accurately installed system of the water softener will never produce salty water. On the other hand, if you face the salty taste of water, then there are numerous causes behind it. Below are few general causes due to which the taste of water becomes salty.

Causes of the Water Softener to Make Water Taste Salty

1. Clogged Injector

The first reason for salt taste water may the clogged of the injector. The inside of the injector contains holes on the vertical and horizontal sides. These holes may clog with dirt and other sentiments.

When you find the clogged problem, and then carefully take it out. It is a recommendation to change the injector instead of cleaning it.  

Water Softener Water Tastes Like Salt

2. Drain Line Flow Control Button Clogged

This second cause is also the most common problem in most of the systems. The water softeners contain a tiny drain button for the controlling process of the drain. In few cases, that drain button may clog. Therefore, in this case, it requires cleaning it. The cleaning also needs your proper attention. By the way, the changing of this drain control button is also another option.

3. Clogged Drain Line

The third important cause of salty water is the clog in the drain line. For the most part, the water softeners have common issues of a clog in the system. The clog issues become the reason for salty water.

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When you notice salty taste water, and then carefully look at the drain line. You should ensure that the drain line is free from any kink or clog. Firstly, check the drain line with respect to the clog and then check the coils in it. In this situation, it ensures that the drain line has no clog. The clog in the drain line also prevents the smooth draining of the water.

At last, double-check the drain line that it is not very much longer. The drain line should not longer than 8 feet and 20 feet vertical and horizontal, respectively. It is the measurement of the drain line and its tank.

4. Timer Set Incorrectly

The fourth cause of the salty taste of water is the incorrect setting of the timer. This cause may occur due to the interruption in the brine cycle. In general, the regeneration cycle of the water softener performs its operation at 2 or 3 am. At that time, there are higher chances that nobody uses the water.

In short, when there is a problem of a power outage, the timer of the regeneration cycle changes. Sometimes, the child also changes the time with the playing of its buttons. Thereby, the set timer of the regeneration cycle is when most people use the water.

After that, if you use the bathroom at night, the water is in between the regeneration cycle. This salty water reaches all your pipes. When you turn on the faucet of the kitchen for drinking water, the taste of water is salty. If this is your problem, then open a tap for a short time. As a result, all salted water will drain out.

5. Brine Tank Full of Water

The fifth important cause of salty water is the brine tank full of water. It is not the most common problem, but it may happen. For this, look in the brine tank and ensure that it is not entirely water. Otherwise, the water softener absorbs a lot of softener salt. As a result, it creates extra sodium in the tank.

When the system completes the regeneration cycle, then it will leave more sodium. The simple solution is that remove some extra water from the tank. You can use a shop vac and quickly suck up the excess water. Flush that extra water in any drain.

6. Raw Water Coming Into the house

Next, an important cause behind the salt taste of the water is the raw water. The raw water is with a high quantity of sodium in it. When this natural water adds to the system, then it remains salty. The water becomes double salty after the passing in the system. When you taste such water, you feel too salty.

7. Bad Spacer Stack, Brine Piston

Lastly, the cause of the salty water is the brine piston and the wrong spacer stack. The down-flow piston is another cause. When there is a problem in any of these three parts, there are chances of salty water. It is due to leakage of the brine water into the tank of mineral. In brief, turn the system over to the in-service position instead of in regeneration.

To summarize, you have to remove both the drain and the brine elbow. Then look in it and note the movement of the water. If you find water movement, then there are chances of the lousy spacer and the piston. It is necessary to replace these parts.

Quantity of Sodium should add to The Water?

The amount of sodium depends on the condition of the water. If the water is more challenging, then the system requires more amount of sodium. Similarly, this more sodium means a more salty taste of the water. The additional sodium for the treating of the hard water produces little salted water.


In conclusion, it is a myth about that water softener water tastes like salt. The output of salty water is due to the different causes in the system. Above all are the major causes/reasons for salted water. With knowing such causes, you will able to solve the problem quickly.