Can a water softener cause low water pressure?

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Can A Water Softener Cause Low Water Pressure

The use of water softeners is increasing day by day. In addition to it, the cases of low pressure of water are also increasing due to water softener. The experiencing of low pressure is very frustrating. Can a water softener cause low water pressure? There are numerous ways that the water softener is the cause for the low water pressure.

Causes of low water pressure

If you have recently installed the system, then the chances for the low pressure is the system itself. Following are some ways that cause low water pressure:

1. Your water softener is just too small

The size of the unit is the first factor that influences the water pressure. The size can determine the pressure of water in the house. If the water softener is small, then it is not able to generate water with high pressure. Especially when there is more requirement of the huge voulme of the water. Therefore, the small size of the water softener produces soft water with low pressure.

2. Clogged sediment filter

The sediment filter traps all the particles from the hard water. If the water is harder, then there are a higher amount of particles in it. The filter ensures to trap all the particles and other contaminants. In this case, sometimes the filter becomes block or clog. With the excessive particles, the clogged filter causes lower pressure. On the other hand, the clogged filter may become the reason for stopping the flow of water.

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3. Clogged resin bed

The resin bed is the next stage of the sediment filter in the water softener. When some of the particles pass from the filter, they are present in the resin bed. Thereby, the particles in the resin bed cause the build-up of iron there. Besides the cause of this iron build-up, the result of this issue is the same. It stops the way of water flow. In other words, the water pressure reduces.

4. Escaped resin is clogging a fixture

After the filling of the resin in the tank, it requires to change on time. When you do not replace it, it may cause deterioration, and ultimately, it will break. The pieces of that resin will move towards the flow of water. Moreover, the pieces will enter the supply channels of the water. All the particles or pieces will gather in a specific area in the supply line. At last, it will cause a blockage. As a result, it will reduce the water flow in the water supply lines of the house. So then, it will create low water pressure.

Can A Water Softener Cause Low Water Pressure

5. The water softener is regenerating

The regeneration method in the softener means the method to produce soft water. This process utilizes salt for functioning and also need a lot of water pressure. When it uses a lot of water pressure, the resulting water pressure in the house decreases. The process of regeneration is one of the causes of low water pressure.

Ways to check the problem of low pressure

For the checking of low water pressure due to system, the following are some ways:

The tank has a bypass on its tap. Turn it on. It will directly send water to the house without passing from the unit. After that, check some faucets of the house that what kind of pressure they have. If the pressure becomes normal, then the problem is the water softener.

Review the sediment filter of the water softener. If the filter has the problem of clogged, then it is why the low pressure of water.

The high amount of chlorine causes the breakage of the resin. Beware what kind of water pass from the unit. Also, check the resin bed from time to time.

What to do if the water softener is the issue?

If you discover the cause of low water pressure, then you can easily improve the water pressure. Below are some common ways that help you to again improve the pressure.  

1. Wait for the completion of the regeneration process

Due to the regeneration process, you have to wait for the completion in case of low water pressure. Even the wait is not very much. The process only needs few minutes for complete functioning. When the process completes, the water pressure again becomes normal.

2. Clean sediment filter

The maintenance of the filter requires the prolonged running of the system. In addition to it, the life span becomes increase. It is necessary to clean the sediment filter. After a certain time, the filter requires to change. In this way, you will ensure that no particles will block the water supply. Lastly, the low water pressure converts into high water pressure.

3. Get a bigger water softener

The small water softener is suitable only for the small size of families or small houses. Before buying a water softener, consider the amount of water need in the home. After that, buy the most appropriate size of the water softener according to the demand. If you notice the smaller size of the water, you should replace it with a bigger unit. As we told, the small size and the more demand for water cause the low water pressure. Thus, use the big size of the water softener for better water pressure.

4. Unblock resin bed

There are many causes of blockage in the resin bed. Every cause needs different treatment for unblocking the resin bed. For instance, in case of iron build-up, add the cleaning agent. The cleaning agent will help to eliminate the iron from the resin bed. Besides, you can also clean it when it is necessary.

Bottom line

Do we hope that you will get an answer about Can a water softener cause low water pressure? With this article, you will know about some basic reasons for low water pressure. The water softener causes the low pressure of water. You can also solve this problem easily with the solutions mentioned above.