Best water filter for lead removal

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Best Water Filter For Lead Removal


Usually, lead is abundantly present in the water. It causes major health threats. According to numerous studies, water from every area has a different percentage of water. The amount of lead depends on that particular area of water. The lead includes in the list of those harmful contaminants that cause a threat to health. Here, you will know about the best water filter for lead removal.

Incidentally, many pipes use lead material in their manufacturing. When the pipeline system does not change for many years, then degradation will happen. The degradation of pipe material causes the addition of lead in the water.

As we told, lead is dangerous to the health. Subsequently, the removal of lead from drinking water is necessary.

Use a water filter for the elimination of lead

On the positive side of the technology, lead can easily remove from the water. One of the most effective ways to remove lead is using a water filter. Before using any filter, you have to know about the types of contaminants in the water. In addition to it, identify the amount of lead per gallon. Knowing the source of cause of lead in the water is important.

Afterward, the majority of the water pipelines use copper in manufacturing. Those pipelines connect with corroding components. As a result, the pipelines release a heavy amount of lead. The problem becomes serious if the pipelines are too much older.

If you use city water, then the cleaning of the water is important. Similarly, if you use a private source for drinking water, then also cleaning is compulsory. You can easily clean the water with the usage of the perfect filter. On the positive side, the water filters are also not too much expensive. The usage of water filters is the easiest. Most of the water filters ensure the elimination of lead.

Best Water Filter For Lead Removal

Filtration methods to eliminate lead by water filter

The installing of every water filter is more comfortable. You can easily install and get clean water free from lead. But every filter is different from others. So then, it is a little tricky to find out the best water filter for your needs. There are three main filtration methods for the removal of lead. All these filtration methods are best in their action. These methods are following:

1. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis is the most popular method for the elimination of lead. The majority of people use this way to reduce the level of lead. The reverse osmosis method is excellent in decreasing and removal of lead. The complete reverse osmosis system is very high in price.

Therefore, it is not commonly available. The high units of water filtration utilize the complete RO in it. However, there is also partial reverse osmosis in the market. The majority of the companies of water filter systems sell the partial RO. Singularly, it is cheap. Besides, it enables the removal of more than 95% of lead from the water.

2. Activated Carbon Filtration

The activated carbon is with the best specifications. There are many benefits of using the activated carbon, including the removal of heavy metals. The heavy metals are in different types, such as lead, magnesium, etc.

After that, not every carbon-activated filtration needs to remove lead. The cartridges of the filter can fastly fill up. Thereby, it needs more frequent replacement of its filter. Every activated carbon filtration has a different lifespan. After that lifespan, the replacement of the filter is necessary. The filters are capable of removing the lead.

The lifespan of filters depends on the water’s quality. In comparison to reverse osmosis, the activated carbon filtration needs more changing of the filter. After producing a certain amount of water, the filter’s capability to remove lead becomes lower.

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3. Distillation

The specification of using the distillation method is the production of pure H2O. It ensures to provide pure water without any harmful metals and contaminants. As compared to the above-all methods, this method is the most expensive.

The initial cost of the distillation is higher, but it shows its long-lasting performance. This method works more accurately to remove the lead. There are fewer requirements for the replacement of the filtration cartridges.

The distillation method works smoothly and efficiently even after a long duration of usage. This method utilizes a large capacity of electricity for the working. Accordingly, this process needs a lot of time for the complete process of cleaning water.

Top six water filters

There are various kinds of water filters. Each kind of water filter is efficient in removing lead. The elimination of lead from water is critical. Choosing the right water filter according to needs is not an easier task. When you buy the right water filter, then the filter provides excellent value. Likewise, certain things should consider before purchasing a water filter.

The certification of NSF is very important. Always select that water filter that has certification of NSF. It ensures the high quality of the water filter. In particular, such water filters are high in energy conservation also. The requirement for the great water filters is the certification of NSF 53.

Next, the following are the six main kinds of water filters. These water filters are efficient in their work and provide clean water. Namely, they ensure to eliminate the lead from water. 

1. Reverse Osmosis Filters

The first kind of water filter is the Reverse osmosis filter. The reverse osmosis systems have enough capability to remove the lead from 94% to 97%. Generally, the complete elimination of the lead is not possible. 

The primary reason behind it is that there is no complete reverse osmosis system available. You may use any activated carbon filter in the reverse osmosis system. You will get pure water. Such pure water is free from lead. The elimination of lead from 94% to 97% is also beneficial. This amount of removal of lead makes water pure & clear.

2. Filter Pitchers

The second type of water filter is the filter pitchers. The filter pitcher uses activated carbon in its working. This activated carbon is with the coconut. Furthermore, it has a resin of ion exchange. This resin uses a great margin way to decrease the lead from water.

The filter pitchers are portable as well as with a handy design. Thus, it is a tremendous personal use kind of water filter. They are at an affordable price. Further, it is the most energy-efficient water filtration system. The filter pitchers are with the standards of WQA certification. It means that the pitchers enable to remove up to 99% of lead.

3. Faucet Mount Units

The third kind of water filter is the faucet mount units. Many of the available units of water filters can easily install over the faucets. All such filter is amazing in the elimination of lead, mercury, chlorine, etc. In brief, they do not need electricity for their work.

The operating of the filter depends on the pressure of water from the faucet. The PPG water supply must more than 50 scales. Otherwise, you should use a water pump to get the best results. Its replacement of the filter cartridges in this system is more frequent. But, they are not very costly.

4. Whole House Filters

The fourth kind of water filter is the whole house filters. The whole house water filter installs to the mainline of the water supply. It is effective in the purification of well water. It reduces the quantity of lead & iron from the water.

There are many categories of the whole house filters. For the larger units of water, the 15ppb or 25ppb filters are very suitable. If the water unit is 150000 gallons per day, then the 100ppb filter is a good option.

5. Showerhead filters

The fifth kind is the showerhead filters. Lead can cause the problem to hair also. The direct contact of lead to the head may lead to severe problems of health. Consequently, the shower filters are the best choice for the taking of bath.

These filters use special media that can filter more than 99% of lead. Sometimes, the water warmers also generate some amount of lead. For instance, the shower filters also eliminate the lead from hot water. Hence, for bathing, these filters are a good option.

6. Under-counter purifiers

The sixth kind of water filter is the under-counter purifier. It is the best water purifier for the making of clean water. These water filters do not operate on a reverse osmosis system. The filtration method in this water filter is different from others. 

They are capable of eliminating more than 99.9% of lead. These filters also come with temperature control. This control will ensure the removal of lead. They are sort of inline filters. Their installation is more effortless. Lastly, they also come in a reasonable range of price.

The above-all are the main kinds of the best water filter for lead removal. You can easily remove lead from the water with the use of the water filter.