Best kettle with a limescale filter

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Best kettle with a limescale filter


The kettles are the easier way to get the boiling water instantly. Moreover, they are with the best filters. In this way, you will get a hot as well as clean and pure tasting outcome. Tap water has different contaminants, so kettles are the most suitable option. It helps you in the easier making tea and coffee.

We will tell you the amazing best kettle with a limescale filter. All of these kettles are best in their designs and functions. They are in good range and ensure that you will enjoy their use for a long lifetime. The best thing about them is their safety characteristics.

1. Ovente Portable Electric Glass Kettle

The Ovente is one of the best portable equipment that you can carry anywhere with you. It has a maximum capacity of 1.5 liters. That means it is suitable for daily usage also. It needs a voltage of 120V. Thereby, it can efficiently work in your house. This stylish kettle is with the best durability. It shows its outstanding functionality with the presence of blue LED lights.


The auto-shut-off feature automatically shuts it off after it reaches the boiling temperature. Therefore, if you have small kids, it is safe to use. Further, it has modern technology of boil-dry. This technology stops working when there is no more water in it.


It is the most appropriate option if you want the fastest heating boiler. Its great quality performance is due to the limescale filter and BPA-free construction material. Therefore, it will surely give you clean drinking water that is excellent for everyone to use.


Works well for everyday usage

Limescale filter provide bubbling filtered water

Great inexpensive kettle


Boils water but hot to the touch

2. Mueller Ultra Kettle: Model No. M99S

Mueller is a famous brand for the manufacturing of high-quality kettles. This model is in black and clear color. Its maximum capacity is more than 1.8 liters. The borosilicate glass used in its construction shows you its long-lasting life. Furthermore, it has a wattage of 1500 watts.


Its features follow the safety measures. The grip handle is anti-slip and has resistance against heat. There is no chance of its falling from your hands. When the water completely boils, it uses its auto-shutoff feature. This superior technology model is of energy-efficient quality.


It is the best way to get the fastest boiling in a very short time. The limescale filter is with bright LEDs. Thus, you will easily know when the kettle is heating through them. The specialty of this tool is that it is without any cord. You can easily pour it into a glass or jug.


It saves time and electricity

Limescale filter speedily do the filtration

A cool blue light


Button mechanism not smooth after longer use

3. Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

Cuisinart CPK-17 is the perfect unit for the filtration of 1.7 liters. It is the most durable because of its stainless steel construction. There is no presence of BPA materials in its manufacturing. It is in silver, which enhances its elegant look. Its voltages are 110V.


Even after boiling, the water will remain hot for a minimum of thirty minutes. This warm feature ensures that you will always get hot results. It also has a memory function. It means it remembers what you selected setting last time. Another great quality is that it is with concealing heating element. Hence, there is no chance of the build-up of minerals.


The limescale filter is removable as well as washable. You can see it through the backlit window. There are six different preset heat settings. You can efficiently adjust as per your need. The LED lights indicate the setting that you pressed. It comes with a warranty of three years.


Limescale filter allows easier adjustable temperature

Easier to tell the working mode

Cordless convenient to use


Unit is loud

4. Bodum – 11451-01

Bodum – 11451-01 uses high-quality plastic as the main material in black. It can easily hold up to 17 ounces at a time. This quantity is enough to produce more than four cups of hot water. Its voltages are 120 volts with a power of 700W. The limited warranty is for two years, so you will satisfactory use it.


The On/Off switch is manual. So, you can start or stop its process anytime. The steam sensor provides additional safety. This feature is specific for automatic shut-off. The heating element will never heat the outside of the kettle.


The limescale filter ensures the removal of all contaminants. With just a push of its button, you can easily open its lid. Its handle is for easier gripping. The boiling process completes in just four minutes. You can see it through the indicator. The weight is only 1.8 pounds.


Limescale filter captures impurities

Easier for pouring and cleaning

Speedily transportable


On/off switch troubles

5. COSORI Double Wall Electric Kettle

This electric unit has a capacity of 1.5 liters. The 304 stainless steel is BPA-free, so it is safe for health. The voltage is 120 volts. It has certification of ETL and CETL. The non-drip spout allows you to pour speedily. You can easily clean it due to its wide-open mouth.


The curved lid is for easier pouring. It is free from the creation of mess. You will smoothly pour into a cup or glass. This lid has two levels. One is for easier filling and one for best cleaning. In addition, the steel outer shell will never become too hot.


The stainless steel construction contains the limescale filter. You will see the quick results of boiling. Besides quick boiling, it is safer to use because of boil-dry protection. This kettle is with the design of double-wall. In this way, it keeps water warm for a long time.


Rapid boil with a limescale filter

It does not require a lot of space

Extra-large opening


The top button is not too sturdy

6. Chefman Electric Hot Water Pot Urn

Compared to above all models, it has the longest capacity of more than 5.3 liters. This silver pot is with a voltage of 120 volts. It uses insulated stainless steel in its outer and inner coverings. This material aims to ensure that the outer body will remain cool.


The main features include the safety feature. The locking lid is for the prevention of any spills. You can use a child safety lock, so no child can do pouring or boiling. Even you can lock all its buttons. The advanced technology enhances its long-lasting life.


You can monitor the performance of the limescale filter with the water level gauge. It shows you the quantity. This dispenser is with a comfortable carrying handle. So, there is no issue taking it with you. The hot water capacity is enough for small gatherings or parties.


Long-lasting limescale filter life

Inexpensive seems well-made

With rotating base


It needs to re-boil if you need too hot

7. Dezin Electric Kettle Upgraded

Design Electric Kettle Upgraded is in black and silver. This classic design makes the look of your kitchen unique. It is suitable for all designs of the kitchen. With one touch on/off button, you can simply operate it. The requirement of voltage is 110 volts.


The auto shut-off feature is for the automatic switch when the unit reaches the boiling point. The design is with the heat resistance characteristic. Thus, no heat will come out from the inside kettle. Its handle is with the material of soft non-slip texture. You can comfortably move it without any difficulty.


It follows the rules of strict quality standards for making its limescale filter. The total capacity is more than 2 liters. The heating of this quantity of water consumes the power of 1000 watts. It is free of cord design and with the best protection of safety.


Easy to use and clean

Limescale filter purified quickly with the best heating

Long-lasting metal interior


 Noisy while heating

8. Zeppoli Electric Kettle

Zeppoli Electric Kettle is an auto shut-off tool with a capacity of above 1.7 liters. It needs a voltage of 1500 volts. The main design of this kettle includes stainless steel and glass. This elegant unit is great for every place like TV launch, kitchen, etc. Its overall weight is 3.56 pounds.


It has the best Strix thermostat control. The purpose of this control is to conduct heat from its base. The advanced blue LED indicators enhance its worthy use. The boil-dry safety features eliminate the tension of checking the remaining quantity of water. In just five to six minutes, it will give the best outcome.


The limescale filter is removable. With its wide mouth of lid, you can efficiently clean the filter without any difficulty. The handle is full of cool even when there is heating inside it. In this way, it prevents accidents. This BPA-free made unit ensures secure boiling without any toxic contaminants.


Basic cleaning for the limescale filter

Fastest boil

Handy to use


Heavier than some models

9. OXO BREW Cordless Glass Electric Kettle

OXO BREW is one of the best models of cordless kettles. This electric unit is clear and has the best maximum capacity of more than 175 liters. It uses high-quality Borosilicate glass in its manufacturing, which also looks stylish. It has a voltage of 120 volts.


The swivel base has an angle of 360 degrees. Another good feature is the insulated bottom. You can conveniently transport it without any issue. The handle is non-slip, giving the best secure grip and free from heat. The millimeter markings on it are for conveniently measuring.


It is with the thermal shock protection that ensures a pure and clean taste. Its power is 60 Hz. The limescale filter is removable and continuously straining when you pour. You can easily clean it by removing it from the unit. You can store it in any small space.


Quickly reaches the boiling point

Limescale filter strains water when you pour

Stays warm longer


Sometimes lid pop open during heating

10. Breville BKE820XL IQ Kettle

Breville BKE820XL IQ is an excellent stainless steel kettle. Its maximum capacity is above 1.8 liters. The voltage is 120 volts. You can connect it to any of your house’s sockets. The dimensions are 7.3 x 7.2 x 9.7 inches, and the weight is 3.4 pounds. With different temperature settings, its maximum capacity is up to 1.8 liters. 


The features make this model unique. It has a one-touch button that can keep water warm. The time for the warm is a minimum of 20 minutes. The temperature-time gives the best taste. Its auto shut-off feature is for secure use. It provides a maximum of seven cups at a time. You can use it for different tasks like tea or coffee.


There are different customizable settings as well as pre-programmed. With one-touch, the limescale filter works efficiently. It needs a power consumption of 1500 watts. The top lid is soft, enables steam production, and eliminates the chances of a splash.


Limescale filter works excellent with five temperature settings

Fast and reliable unit

Durable and versatile


No glass viewing window


Which is the best portable kettle?

Ovente is one of the best portable kettles that are lightweight. You can carry it anywhere with you. It is an excellent option to use it on vacations also.

What is the good type of material used in the kettles?

The borosilicate glass in the Muller Ultra is a good type of kettles. Its black color makes it more attractive. It also allows you to see inside it.

Why is Cuisinart CPK-17 safe to use?

The Cuisinart CPK-17 is the safest to use anytime because of its BPA-free manufacturing. It provides the safe results of boiling.

Which kettle is suitable for the 17 ounces capacity?

Bodum – 11451-01 has a capacity of more than 17 ounces. With this capacity, it provides four cups of boiling instantly.

What is the specification of COSORI?

There are many specifications of COSORI, likewise other models. But, one of its great specialties is that it has ETL & CETL certification.

Is locking the lid is essential for safety?

The locking lid includes in the list of safety features. It ensures the prevention of spills during the process of boiling. Chefman kettles have this feature.

Buying Guide


The speed is the most important factor of the kettles. Consider the speed if you want a kettle to quickly make tea or coffee. The description of the models tells how exactly they take time to boil. Some are great to do in just 4-5 minutes. However, few models claim to complete boiling in only 90 seconds. Check speed before purchasing.


The temperature settings are crucial for making a variety of tea or coffee. The low-cost kettles are with no options for different temperatures. If you are a coffee lover, you have complete knowledge about the importance of low and high temperatures. The low option is necessary for the making of flavourful coffees.


Any product that you want to buy must have strong durability. We all do not want to purchase kettles that have only a life of one year. It must be for many years. The durability depends on the price. Take a look at the cost and its warranty. The costly models come with a warranty. Therefore, you can use it with full of confidence.


It is true to say that the kettles do not cause too much noise. But, some models are louder during the boiling. If you or your family members do not like noise, consider this factor before buying. The description contains the amount of noise that a unit produces.


The kettles use different materials in manufacturing, such as glass, metal, etc. Compared to plastic, we prefer stainless steel or glass kettles due to their lightweight feature. The stainless steel kettles are the most durable. On the other hand, the glass models are great for those who want to watch the action of boiling.

Size and weight

Another critical factor is size and weight. Before purchasing, you have to completely know about the space for the storage of the kettles. Your kitchen has enough space for the placing of the unit. If you want it to use only at home, weight is not an essential factor to consider. But, if you want to take it with you during traveling, choose a lightweight model.


In conclusion, the Ovente Portable Electric Glass Kettle is our top recommendation. This durable equipment is with the best capacity. It is a portable model, so you can carry it anywhere during traveling. The blue LED works as an indicator.

Its different safety features make it more significant. The auto-shut-off is for the safety of kids. It stops working when it achieves the temperature that you selected. The unit is free from BPA material. Thus, there is no chance of the presence of harmful contaminants. The high-quality performance will give you an incredible experience. It is also suitable for all kitchen designs.