how long does a zero water filter last

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How Long Does A Zero Water Filter Last

Zero water filters how much gallons of water:

Zero water filters enable to filter more than 25-40 gallons of water. One filter of zero water is capable to filter this quantity of tap-water. It is agreeable on the specific TDS in the tap water. The standard range of TDS is between 51 and 100. When the water has this amount of TDS, the filter can remove up to 25 to 40 gallons of the water.

How Long Do Zero Water Filters Last?

The zero water filters have certification of NSF international. These filters are most capable to eliminate all the chemicals and harmful contaminants from the water. The Zero Water Filter lasts longer than all other models of the filters. For this purpose, this filter has a large filtering capacity.

Water filter long last: Factors

The duration of the life of the filter depends on numerous factors. The long-lasting filter of zero water will depend on the quality of the water & the usages of the water.

The filter’s life is clearly depending on the amount of TDS. If your tap water has more than 500 amounts of TDS, then the capacity to filter the water is comparatively low. The tap water with high quality of contaminants and TDS of 301 will require one filter to produce more than 15 gallons of filtered water.

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If your water has 50 levels of contaminants or less than, then the zero water filter will produce more than 40 gallons of filtered water per filter. It will last for more than 150 liters. Thereby, the long-lasting of the filter clearly depend on the quality of the water.

When you fill the jar of Zero Water only one time in a day, and also the quality of the water is not very bad. Then, the filter lasts for numerous months. On the other hand, when you fill the jar many times in a single day and also the quality of water is very poor. Then, you need to change the filter every month.

Hence, it is clear that the longevity depends on the value of TDS and the usage frequency of the water also. You will easily know about the TDS amount in your water with the use of the TDS meter. The working of zero water is different from other water filters. It uses 5 stages process to produce a water filter and also the filter is long-lasting.

How Long Does A Zero Water Filter Last

Zero water filters need rinse or not:

In opposite to many other models, the zero water filters need no rinsing. But it is an exceptional opinion if you add a few cups of water in it. In this way, you will know about the clearance and purification of the water.


The long-lasting of the filter depends on the usage as well as the quality of the water. If there is more TDS in the water, the Zero water filters less water. Ultimately, you will need to replace it.