Why Does My Water Taste Like Metal

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Why Does My Water Taste Like Metal

When the drinking water tastes like metal, then there is always a reason behind it. The metallic taste of water is most commonly present in many houses. But why does water taste like metal? There are numerous impurities in the water. If your water tastes like metal, then you should have to know about the causes. In this article we will discuss all about why does my water taste like metal?

There are various causes for metal taste water. When you find out the cause, you can solve that problem. Not all the reasons are hazardous. On the other hand, metallic taste is not good, and all of us want delicious water.

Quick facts about the metal taste of water

  • The metallic taste of water is due to the excessive traces of minerals in the water supply. It is because of residential pipes or rusty city. This taste of water is also low in pH level.
  • In most of the case, the water taste like matter is safe for health. But, it is essential to test your water for complete surety.
  • Besides metals, the different kinds of contaminants also cause metallic taste water.
  • Sometimes the metal taste of water is like a salty taste. But that is in an actual metallic taste.
  • There are numerous ways to find the problem and also remove it.
  • Sometimes, not all tap water taste like metal. So then, find out the tap from where metal taste water is coming.
  • Test your water from the water testing lab.

Causes of tap water to taste metallic

Below are some primary causes that make metal taste like tap water. You can find out the reason of the metal taste. Accordingly to the reason, you simply try to solve that issue.

High Levels of iron

When the water contains a high concentration of iron, then the taste of water is metallic. It is a significant problem in homes that uses well water. The well water has high levels of iron. In comparison to well water, the city water may also have a high iron rate in it.

Why Does My Water Taste Like Metal

Presence of other metals

Many of the different types of metals, including iron, are present in the water. The metal causes metallic taste water. The water’s actual metal content is the main and primary reason for the metal taste of the water. All the traces of metals are contaminants of water that cause metal taste. Besides iron, other metals are also responsible for the metal taste of water. For example, the water with manganese, lead, copper has a metal taste.

Low pH levels

Another reason for metallic taste water is the low pH levels. The water with a low level of pH produces a strange taste. Such taste is a metal taste. The measurement of pH level measures the acidity and alkaline of the water. The low pH water considers as soft water. This kind of soft water has a sour or acid-like taste. This water taste has much resemblance with the metals.

The low pH of water causes a metallic taste. You can quickly determine the pH level by using the pH level kit. After knowing it, you will take an appropriate step against the problem.

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Water flows through aging pipes

 Most of the water supply pipe is of metals like copper pipes. If the house has old copper pipes, then the metals from pipes leech into the water. As a result, you have to drink metallic taste water.

In addition to it, the old water infrastructure causes the metallic taste of water in the city. The metals can leech in the water at the time of water’s treatment. When that water reaches the tap of the house, it tastes like metal.

Usually, the lifespan of the metal pipes is more than 80 to 100 years. But if the pipes are of the 1900s, make sure that no metal content leech into the water. In opposite to the city water system, the well water may contain more percentage of iron. The high concentration of iron is due to corrosion and seepage. Furthermore, it is necessary to change the pipes after their lifespan, or you may use a water filter. The water filter enables the removal of all metal contaminants from water.

Water tastes metallic effect the health or not

The majority of the people want to know about the metallic tastes water effects on the health. It depends on the cause of the taste. The sources which make the water taste like metal decide the impact on health or not. For instance, iron causes a strong metallic taste, but such water has no vital health issue.

In contrast to iron, lead and zinc affect health. These metals produce severe health issues. Specifically when there are high concentrations of lead and zinc. You should know about the condition of the water. Before drinking water, make sure that it is good for health. For this purpose, you can test your water with EPA water for free. At last, you will know the root of the issue of metallic taste water also.

Remove the metallic taste from tap water

There are many great ways to remove the metal taste from the water. Among all ways, the installation of a whole house filter system is the most suitable option. You can install the system in your house. It will install at that point where there is entering of water into the house. Therefore, the filtration system improves the water taste in every tap of the house.

In this way, you will protect your family from health issues. Every filtration system is different from others. Before installing the system, know about the cause of metal taste water. When you will know the reason, and then install the system that solves your problem.

Improve the metallic water taste

After knowing why does my water taste like metal, you can make a better taste of water. You can find the reason of the metallic taste of water through testing. Lastly, you can use any filtration system to eliminate that problem of metallic taste.