Is Berkey water alkaline

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Is Berkey Water Alkaline

The Berkey water filter makes the water alkaline due to its process of filtration. It is a great choice for a filter that harmful water that contains toxic chemicals as well as harmful contaminants. The alkaline water is somehow great for the body. Indeed, the Berkey water filter enhances the pH of the water and makes the water more alkaline.

Berkey filter makes water alkaline

Generally, there is no proper information about the alkaline nature of water after the use of the Berkey filter on their official site. However, many of the reports show that the water becomes alkaline after using this filter. Yet, it removes harmful contaminants.

pH test results of water after the use of Berkey filter

There are many reports of pH test results that will surely show you that the water becomes alkaline after using this filter. Following are some major reports about the alkaline water due to the Berkey filter:

1. One report showed that the pH of water is in between the 6.5 to 7.8 ranges after the use of Big Berkey.

2. According to one of the reports, the Berkey water was clearly alkaline after testing its pH.

3. The next report showed that if the tap water has 7pH, then after the Berkey filter the pH increase to 8.

4. The last report stated that the tap water has a pH of 7.4. When the water passes through the Berkey filter, the resulting water has a pH of 9.

All the above reports show that the Berkey filter produces alkaline water.

Is Berkey Water Alkaline

Thought on Berkey pH

In my opinion, after seeing different reports, the pH of water definitely raises and water becomes Alkaline. But the result will not consistent.

In this case, the Berkey filters are suitable for those who have not problem with alkaline water.

Berkey pH solutions

Berkey filter enables to increase the pH and alkalinity of water. The Berkey has a large tank and it is easier to filter the contaminant water with it. Whenever you fill the Berkey alkaline water in the bottle, the water remains alkaline even if you store it in the refrigerator.

The Berkey water is a great choice if you want alkaline water. Alkaline water has many advantages to drink for a healthy body. The Berkey water has enough amounts of minerals that are necessary for the alkaline nature of the water.

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Bottom Line

In conclusion, in fact, the Berkey water is alkaline but there is no full confirmation about it. Many of the customers reported its alkaline filtered water; however, the company did not mention it.

There are numerous advantages of using alkaline water to the body. So, if you use filtered alkaline water due to the Berkey filter, then it is a great choice for you and your family.

The Alkaline water by Berkey filter has both advantages and disadvantages. Usually, alkaline water is suitable for everyone and most people prefer this water. But, the excessive usage of alkaline water is also not good.