GE water softener reviews

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GE Water Softener Reviews

GE brand is one of the well famous for the manufacturing of the water softeners. They are of high-quality performance. They ensure the providing of soft water. The soft water is excellent for household use. As compared to hard water, soft water will never cause any issue to health and skin. Here, in this article, we provide information about GE water softener reviews.

They have their pros and cons. GE water softeners are with amazing features that provide the best experience of using them. These softeners are easy to manage and also value your money.

GE Water Softener Reviews

Reasons to choose GE

In summary of choosing the GE softener, there are many reasons. Subsequently, these reasons make the system best to use daily.


The biggest reason to choose GE is the efficiency of regenerating. The unit works very smoothly with less need for regeneration. It reduces maintenance costs with extra effort.


The water softeners of GE are eco-friendly. They require less consumption of salt & water. Consequently, they give benefits to the environment. Next, the systems will leave only less amount of sodium in the supply system.

DIY ready

Together with eco-friendly benefits, they are with DIY installation. It means that these softeners allow you to easily install the unit by yourself. In brief, the DIY installation will also save you money. They come with the instructions. These instructions are helpful for the installation and operation.

City and well water

They are great for the city as well as water. These water softeners enable treating all sorts of water. They ensure that the resulting water is without and hard minerals and harmful contaminants.

What Makes GE Water Softener Special?

Many important factors make GE water softener reviews special. Accordingly, these factors make the unit best worthy.

GE water softeners are an energy-efficient softener. It ensures the saving of salt and water. It utilizes 34% less salt, and also, the use of water is 35% less. Further, it also uses 50% less detergent for laundry.

Every water softener of the GE is with the technology of SmartSoft. This technology ensures the high quality of the water. The soft water is with the great tasting also.

Afterward, the GE softeners are with large openings. These openings have an angled lid. It allows the easy pouring of the salt in the unit when need. As a result, the use of this unit also becomes easier.

After that, the water softener has featured self-cleaning. This feature is present in the filter of this unit. The filters will automatically clean themselves. Thereby, they ensure that the plumbing of the house remains safe from all sorts of contaminants.

Lastly, the GE water softeners are with the custom select blending valve. This customizable valve is for the easy adjustment of the hardness of the water. You can easily adjust the hardness according to the need of your household house.

GE Water Softener Reviews

Working of GE water softener

The working of the GE water softener is unique. This salt-based water softener is of high-quality performance. It utilizes an ion-exchange method for making the soft water.

Pros and Cons:

Ordinarily, every water softener has its pros and cons. In this case, they also have advantages as well as disadvantages. Following are some main benefits and cons of using GE softeners.

Benefits of GE water Softeners

Easy to install

The softeners are easier to install. They are not with the separate brine or rein tanks. In comparison to many other softeners, they are free from tanks. Without tanks, the installing and use of the unit are more effortless.

In addition to it, they require low cost for installation. The TAC system is the easier unit for installing. This system is without a discharge line. It also does not need the refilling of either brine or resin.

Handle a large amount of salt

These water softeners enable handling a large amount of salt at the same time. Singularly, the GE softener’s salt tank has the maximum capacity of storing 230lbs of salt simultaneously. Furthermore, the salt tanks are with the screen.

This screen will tell you when it’s time to refill the tank with salt. In the meantime of using the unit, the maintenance of the system is necessary. You have to spend your time on maintenance concerning the addition of salt. Conversely to other systems, they require less maintenance.

95 Grains per gallon soft water

In the first place of using any water softener, the grains per gallon matter a lot. The GE water softener enables to produce the 95 grains per gallon of soft water. Every amount of soft water is completely free from hard and harmful contaminants.

Cons of the GE water softener

Besides the great benefits of using them, they also have some cons. Below all are some significant cons of the water softeners of GE.

Warranty of the unit

They also have some cons. These water softeners are with a warranty of only one year. There may fear of quick expiring of the warranty. Incidentally, there are numerous examples of appliances that may not work well after the warranty expires.

However, the working of the unit is outstanding. It ensures that you will use it with the best confidence. The warranty is shorter. Otherwise, there is not any big issue with using this water softener.

Some little drawbacks

The GE water softener has some drawbacks as the other salt-based water softeners have. This water softener produced the brine discharge. This discharge is harmful to the environment. It requires regular maintenance for proper working.

Likewise, the maintenance is costly. There are many important aspects of its maintenance, including renewal of brine & resin—generally, the GE water softener wastewater and electricity. The resulting soft water is with a high amount of salt. Therefore, it is not suitable for patients with high blood pressure.

Features of a GE Water Softener

The GE water softeners come with the best range of features. All the models have software for SmartSoft water-saving. This software allows the users to easily adjust the hard level of the water. These water softeners have a specialty of easy to operate.

Another essential feature is the sloping lid. This lid is present on the salt tank. The refilling becomes easier. All these softeners have sediments filter for more purification of water. These water softeners are the best user-friendly systems.

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Reviews of GE Water Softeners

Here, we reviewed three major models of GE. All of these water softeners of GE are the best in their action. They ensure the delivery of the best quality of soft water.

1. The GE GXSF30V

The main feature of this water softener is the SmartSoft technology. It has demand initiated regeneration feature also. This water softener is suitable for up to 3 people. The flow rate is 7.5GPM. It uses a very less amount of salt and water. Further, it allows the programming of the cycle time as you want. It also has a filter that enhances the lifespan of the unit.

2. The GE GXSH40V

This water softener is great for medium size of households. It is suitable for 1 to 4 members of a family. It has the technology of SmartSoft that always remembers the pattern of using soft water. The salt capacity of this water softener is 230lbs. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

3. The GE GXSH45V

This water softener is very similar to the earlier above-described model. It is suitable for large families. As a rule, the flow rate is the critical thing of the water softener. Its flow rate is more than 9.5GPM. It has beyond amazing qualities. It has a larger capacity for producing soft water. The salt capacity is above 230 lbs. The warranty on the resin tank is ten years. Its motor has a warranty of 3 years.

GE Water Softener Reviews

GE Compare to Other Brands

GE is the most superior brand to all other brands of water softeners in many ways. The GE water softener reviews are with the best smart features and usability. Their price concerning lifespan is also great. These water softeners are the best to cover all the needs of the households. As a result of these softeners, they do best to meet all the conditions of high-quality water.

Remarkably, they have many best qualities that make them best to use regularly. They have a specialty in reducing the consumption of salt and water. Significantly, they use less amount of energy as well. All these things interrelate to each other. The use of less salt in its process will lead to producing less water. In short, the consumption of energy also becomes less.

All the GE water softeners are with a narrow design. This design allows the placing of the water softener in any small area. They all have certification of NSF. For most of the importance of these water softeners, they have NSF certification.

Is the GE water softener good?

This company gives the warranty of every product such as the water softeners. The guarantee shows the long-lasting performance of the unit. In opposite to many other water softeners, the GE water softener is easier to install.

Similarly, the monitoring of this water softener is also easy. To summarize, these water softeners are highly effective water softeners with the feature of cost-efficient. All the GE water softeners are best for the use of salt and the consumption of water.

How long do GE water softeners last?

Every model of the GE softeners is with different lifespan. Usually, the long-lasting performance is in between 10 to 15 years. It depends on the model of the water softener and also the use of that unit. Over there, some of the components of the system may break due to electrical problems.

 Hence, with any electrical issue in any component of the unit, the system stops its working. Namely, at that time, you have to buy a new water softener. The 10 to 15 years of lifespan considers as the best for the water softener. For instance, at this specific time, you will get the best results from soft water. Thus, the system enhances the worth of your money.

Regeneration cycles

In particular, the GE softeners regenerate after 3 to 6 days. The regeneration cycles also depend on the model of the water softener. By the way, it also depends on the need for the consumption of water. They are with the SmartSoft technology. This technology will always learn the pattern of the use of soft water. It ensures that the system will not go through a regeneration process when you need the soft water.

Programming of operations

GE Water Softener Reviews

All the models of GE water softener reviews come with the user manual. The manual helps you a lot in the setting of all the different operations of the unit. One of the most crucial settings is the water softness. This setting allows you to easily adjust the level of water softness you want. As an example, some people want soft water with more minerals.


In conclusion, GE (General Electric) is the best brand for different appliances. The water softeners of GE are high-quality of performance and features. There are numerous models of water softeners. So then, every water softener is for every sort of budget. The GE water softener reviews show that all of these water softeners are best for household use.

 They ensure the best quality of soft water. On the positive side, these water softeners have certification of NSF. This NSF certification provides you best confidence in the use of these water softeners. Coupled with this certification, they have the best and advanced technology. This technology makes the unit more efficient.