Brita water filter leaking

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Brita water filter leaking

Reasons for Brita water filter leaking

The leaking problem of the Brita water filter is not difficult to solve. Many possible reasons cause the leaking problem. In this article, you will know the reasons for leaking. In addition to it, you will also know how to solve it.

Leaking Between Swivel Collar & Diverter

When you will start to check the leak problem, turn off the water supply connection. In this way, you will avoid the mess of water in the home. There is a Swivel collar on the tip of the faucet. Remove it and check the O ring. This O ring should present in its place with no damage. If you find it damaged, then remove it. It is the primary reason for leaking.

Leaking Around the Circular Caps

This leaking problem is present between the circular caps and the filter’s housing. You can easily remove the circular cap by turning in the left direction. When you will remove it, check the rubber O ring there. If you find this O ring is missing, then install a new O ring.

Then, make a proper seal. In some cases, the rubber ring may present but with the damage condition. So, check it carefully. In the damage case of this ring, replace it with the new one. All the O rings of the system should be in the best condition. Finally, reassemble the circular cap with the system.

Brita water filter leaking

Leaking Around the Base of the Housing

In comparison to the above two leaking reasons, it is a serious one. The central part of the filter system is its filter housing. The water moves through the housing, and it generates clean filtered water. When the leakage is at the base of the housing, then it indicates the damaged housing. The only reasonable solution is the removal and replacement of the housing. Also, replace the thread caps of this system.

Solve the leaking problem

Maintaining & Replacing Filter Cartridges:

The maintenance & replacing of the filter cartridges are necessary for the working of a leak-free system. You have to replace the filter cartridges after the lifespan. Otherwise, it will cause a leak problem in the system also, if you will maintain the filter cartridges properly, their life increases. Thus, there are fewer chances of a leak.

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Maintaining the O Rings

The O rings are the essential components of the Brita water filter. You have to maintain all the O rings of the system regularly. For maintenance, simply apply Vaseline around every O ring. The maintenance of these rings ensures that there is no chance of a leak. Hence, you will enjoy the best water taste with no fear of any damage to the system.

Final thoughts

Now you will enable to solve the leaking problem of the Brita water filter. Every filter has both pros & cons. The Brita water filter may leak after the installation or short time of use. But, you can quickly solve this problem. On the positive side, the Brita water filter comes at a budget-friendly price. So, it is a good choice for household use. If you properly install the filter, you will surely not face the problem of leaking.