Berkey vs Brita

Berkey and the Brita are the two famous companies that help in providing clean and healthy water for drinking in your house. Both have the quality to produce clean filtered water. In this article we find information about berkey Vs brita.

Brita is the best choice for those who want a quick and easy solution for water filtration. It is also a great choice for those who want to spend little money on getting filtered water for drinking.

Berkey is similar to Brita but the Berkey water filters are expensive and also give permanent solutions for filtration. Brita is most famous for water pitchers and Berkey is most famous for the countertop water systems. The filtration method of both Berkey and Brita are the same but the Berkey can hold more filtered water and it has more durable construction.

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The comparing of Berkey vs Brita is not an easier task because their long-term customers love their products. This guide will provide you information about the features of both filtration systems and also compare each other.

Berkey vs Brita: Which is better?

The superior products of both Berkey and Brita are ideal to purchase. The Brita pitchers are portable and the initial cost is cheaper. On the other hand, Berkey filters enables to eliminate more harmful contaminants from water and make the water cleaner and pure for drinking. These are more durable filters and work for a long time.

The Brita pitchers are the best for those who want cheaper filters and the Berkey is the great choice for those who want to invest in such water filters that run for the long-term.

 Comparison chart

FilterBerkey ElementsStandard
Capacity2.25 Gallons10 Cups
Contaminants Removed20312+
Filter Lifespan6000 Gallons40 Gallons or 2 Months
Warranty6 Months90 Days

Filter Comparison

Brita Filters

Brita filter uses a gravity-style filter that requires a maximum of 10-15 minutes to eliminate harmful contaminants from the Brita’s pitcher. The water filters of Brita arrive in a diversity of various kinds of pitchers. The models of pitchers are sleek and attractive and enhance the attractive look of your modern kitchen.

The Brita’s filters contain coconut shell carbon. The filter has tiny pores that are specially made to catch contaminants. The trap contaminants include chlorine and heavy metals with the use of the adsorption process. They are small and low-cost filters. The filters attach to the inside of the pitcher. According to many people, Brita are the great gravity filters.

Berkey Filters

The Black Berkey elements are the most important and necessary part of the Berkey Filters. They also attach inside a Berkey filtration system. Such Berkey elements place between the top and bottom chambers. The water moves towards the top chamber and then pass through the bottom chamber.

The adsorption and microfiltration process block the way of contaminants and does not allow the contaminants to pass through. The cost of the filters of Berkey is more expensive but the filters have longer lifespans. Berkey considers as the best water filtration system for household usage.

Berkey Vs Brita

Maximum holding capacity

Berkey comes in a long range of filters. Every filter has its specific holding capacity. The small filters of Berkey enable to filter more than 1.5 gallons at a time and the large water filters enable to filter more than 6 gallons. The Berkey filters always ensure that you get fresh and clean drinking water all the time. Such filters have a lifetime warranty.

The water filters of Brita come in pitcher and dispenser size. The larger Brita filter enables to produce more than 80 ounces of filtered water at a time. It may take time to produce more filtered water.

Contaminants removed by Berkey and Brita

ContaminantsBrita Standard FilterBrita Longlast FilterBerkey Black Purification Elements 
Chlorine – Taste & Odor
Microbial Cysts 
Bisphenol A (BPA) 

Performance comparison

Brita Performance

Brita water filters have the most outstanding performance capabilities in the form of water filter pitchers. The Brita has certification of NSF and ensures the removal of 12 kinds of different contaminants. Its system is comfortable and also easily use. Many pitcher of the Brita contains ergonomic handles that make easier to carry the pitcher.

The complete filtration of water needs 10 to 20 minutes. It depends on the pitcher’s size. The lifespan of the water filters of Brita is about 2 months. The LongLast system of Brita shows its great performance. This system enables to produce more than 120 gallons of filtered water.

Berkey Performance

The Berkey filtration elements are ideal in the process of filtration. They always show their outstanding performance. The Berkey filters have a long lifespan of three to five years. They enable to remove up to 200 harmful contaminants. The process of filtration is very fast and done in two hours and 45 minutes and as a result, the output of filtered water is about 2.7 gallons. The system comes with two Berkey elements but if two more Berkey elements add to the system then the lifespan of filters becomes double.


Berkey’s ModelsBrita’s Models
The Travel BerkeyGrand 10-Cup
The Big BerkeyLake 10-Cup
The Royal BerkeyMetro 5-Cup
The Imperial BerkeyRapis Stream 10-Cup
The Crown BerkeyEvery Day 10-Cup
The Berkey LightUltramax 10-Cup

 Upfront cost

Cost/Liter$0.006 / Liter$0.053 / Liter
Replacement Filter cost/year$21.90 / Year$193 / Year
1st Year Cost$347.00$205
2nd Year Cost$0.00$193.00
3rd Year Cost$0.00$193.00
4th Year Cost$0.00$193.00
5th Year Cost$0.00$193.00
5 Year Total Investment$347.00$977.00

Lifespan and replacement costs

Brita filters

Every model of the Brita has a different lifespan. The lifespan of Standard and Stream water filters of Brita is about two months. These filters come with the price of $6 and $7. They are in affordable price but the total yearly average of using these filters seems to be between $35 and $40.

The LongLast water filter of Brita has a long lifespan as compared to other models of the Brita. The cost of LongLast Brita is around $17 and the lifespan is up to six months. It is the most desirable choice to use in your house.

Berkey filters

The pair set of Berkey water filter costs around $120. It has a long lifespan of producing more than 6000 gallons of filtered water. The filter works for up to 4 years and more than. When the Brita filter is compared with Berkey, the Berkey filters are more expensive than Brita filters.

Customer Reviews


The majority of the customers like Brita water filters. The Brita becomes the most trusted company for producing filtered water for drinking. Around 8,000 people review the standard Brita water filter and the rating of this filter is 4.7 stars on Amazon. Also, the customers love the Brita filters to decrease the PPM from drinking water.

On the other hand, some of the customers complained that there is a leakage problem in their filter system. Otherwise, no other major complaints are seen by the customers.


Berkey filters are also high rated product on Amazon. According to the 885 review rating of customers, the black Berkey elements gained 4.6 stars out of 5. Customers love the Berkey filters for their amazing performance and ability to eliminate fluoride.

On the other side, some people criticized the rubbery taste in the filtered water. Most probably, the chances of rubbery taste are due to the rubber component of the filtration system.

Pros and cons of Berkey and Brita

Brita Pros

  • Affordable to buy Brita’s pitchers and filters
  • NSF certified Brita
  • Remove more than 12 contaminants

Brita Cons

  • Filters of Brita do not last longer               
  • Pitchers require refilling when more filtered water used

Berkey Pros

  • Long-lasting Berkey filtration elements
  • Durable design made of stainless steel
  • Eliminates more than 200 contaminants

Berkey Cons

  • No certification of NSF
  • Not small in size and also not portable system   

Should I buy Brita or Berkey?

Brita and Berkey are the two most ideal filtration systems. If you have any confusion about which filter system you should purchase, then only consider your preferences and requirements. It depends on you which kind of filters is great for your house. Both Berkey and Brita are good options to purchase.

If you want a filtration system that requires little maintenance, then the Berkey filters are the right choice for you. Such filters also require very less replacement of filtration elements but these filters come with a higher cost. On the other hand, the filtration pitchers of the Brita are lower in price and they are light and portable. Such filtration pitchers are a short-term solution and they need to more change of filters with the passage of time as they have a short lifespan. The Berkey filters are durable and they are last the long run. These filters provide more quality of filtration as compared to Brita. No doubt the Berkey filters are a great choice for purchasing. The only downside of Berkey filters is that they have no NSF certification.

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